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"There Was Nothing I Could Do"

Oct 12, 2022

“The level of heartbreak and rage I am experiencing, as a mother, is indescribable,” said Pam* whose 14-year-old daughter was indoctrinated at school about LGBTQ issues. “Her personality changed almost overnight, and she went from being a sweet, loving girly-girl to a foul-mouthed ‘pansexual male.’”

While keeping her mom in the dark, Leah* started injecting herself with testosterone. Then she ran away, and eventually ended up traveling from Phoenix, Arizona, to Portland, Oregon. Her mom said, “There was nothing I could do to stop her. In Portland, at the age of 17, without my consent or even knowledge, she was able to change her name/gender in court, obtain Medicaid, get a double mastectomy, and a radical hysterectomy.”

This teen girl’s body was mutilated, even before she turned 18. And her mom’s parental rights were neutralized and dismissed. This mom’s anger is justified because these surgeries do not “help” the people who have them. In fact, suicide is 19 times HIGHER in people after these interventions! In addition, the medical complications are very serious. But for those who leave their body alone, their confused thoughts minimize or disappear completely after a few years.

Parents like Pam are under serious attack, and their children are bearing the consequences. There are a number of proposed state bills and even a proposed federal constitutional amendment on this critical topic. Our federal and state leaders need to hear from you to protect children and strengthen parental rights. —Mat

Pam said, “I believe that when my daughter’s brain fully develops, she will regret her decision to ‘transition,’ which should never have even been an option. I did not ‘lose a daughter and gain a son.’ Instead, my once beautiful, healthy daughter is now my mutilated daughter, who has been given a life sentence.”

That life sentence can be dangerous. For a biological girl named Sarah, her “top surgery” caused serious internal bleeding, and she had to go back into surgery to have it fixed. Sarah wrote, “the surgeon probably cut some nerve (or he sewed it in), because now I have everyday pain (sometimes even in the left arm). It’s probably what they call post mastectomy pain syndrome (pmps), but i never heard of it before the mastectomy (so much to informed consent).” 

Others have had heart attacks, organ atrophy, even prolapse—which they will have to deal with for the rest of their life. But instead of protecting people like Leah, Oregon lowered age requirements for surgery down to just 15 years old. Some LGBTQ groups intentionally target children “on the spectrum” of autism or with ADHD. That was the case for Leah.

Children like Leah are not equipped to make these life-altering and permanent decisions. However, schools across America are doing their best to isolate children from their parents and push them to use these experimental drugs and surgeries.

This is not just happening in California. Now schools from Florida to Michigan, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Wisconsin, Texas and Oregon have all been caught hiding from parents that kids are being indoctrinated.

We need our elected officials to rein in schools that are treating our children like pawns in a political game. Tell Congress and our governors to urgently protect children and parental rights

Pam explains, “If a group of terrorists was kidnapping our teenage daughters, cutting their breasts off, injecting them with testosterone, and removing all of their female organs, would there not be absolute OUTRAGE in society? As a society, we are outraged about ‘female circumcision,’ so why is [it] that these butchers, disguised as doctors, who took an oath to first do no harm, are legally allowed to mutilate our children?”

Pam said her biological daughter “now identifies as a gay boy, which means she is actually a straight female. As a grieving mother, I cannot and will not remain silent about the atrocities committed against my daughter.”

But Pam’s desire to love, care for and protect her daughter is only seen as “hate” by those within the school system. Draped with a “pride” flag, one high school teacher in Wisconsin protested with a sign that read, “IF YOUR PARENTS AREN’T ACCEPTING OF YOUR IDENTITY, I’M YOUR MOM NOW.”

Some teachers are now demanding children call them by opposite-sex pronouns, or even the plural “they.” Children in preschool and kindergarten are given coloring pages with the message that gender is fluid and are told they can pick whichever one they want. And by the way, it’s not just male and female. 

Women’s Health lists 16 genders; Healthline lists 68; and MedicineNet lists 72! includes 100 pronouns!!! This is absurd, confusing and dangerous. 

There is a constitutional amendment being discussed on Capitol Hill. The proposed version will do the following three things:

  • Recognize a parent’s right to direct the upbringing, education and care of their children. 
  • Acknowledge a parent’s right to school choice. 
  • Limit the government from infringing on these rights without an interest of the highest order.

In addition, some states are taking action. Many of these legislators and governors are in contested elections that will influence their decisions. We are closing in on the most momentous election in history. Now is the time to make your voice heard. 

This is an opportunity to stand up for parents like Pam who want the best for their children but have lost everything as they stand for truth. Make your voice heard to urge our key congressional and state leaders to support parental rights and protect children. 

When Pam was facing these challenges, she reached out to my team for help and shared her heartbreaking story. I urge you to pray for those caught up in these lies, that they will experience freedom.

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Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. You can take another action step by adding your name to our petition to Congress and governors urging them to protect children and parental rights.

*Names changed for privacy.


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