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This Caused Me to "Hit Rock-Bottom"

Oct 13, 2022

Ross left Minnesota for Los Angeles. This opened the door to a promiscuous same-sex lifestyle. He explained, “I started to drink and take drugs. … I began to dress sensually, wear makeup and become very feminine in my movements and speech.”

He became a paid escort, which, he says, “I quickly got used to. Even outside of my escorting work, I remained promiscuous. I was constantly engaging with thoughts of depression, anxiety, and unworthiness. ... I would become bedridden for days. I hit rock-bottom when I knowingly had sex with a ‘client’ who had a wife and two children.”

Before I share Ross’ incredible story of redemption, I want to be clear: Some want people like Ross to remain trapped in the pain and dysfunction of transgenderism. Their stories are heartbreaking.

Yet, some members of Congress want to mandate hopelessness and spread it nationwide. The Democratic-led U.S. House is pushing the “Transgender Bill of Rights” to ban counseling for those wanting to leave the transgender confusion. We can stop H.Res. 1209 if we act nowTell Congress to VOTE NO on H.Res. 1209! — Mat

While at rock bottom, Ross started working at a coffee shop where four of his co-workers were Christians. He began attending church and turned his life over to God. “There is a biblical divide of masculinity and femininity there that makes it easier for me to stay on track. I have stopped wearing makeup and quit all of my previous crutches.”

Ross said of this relationship with God, “I came to understand that He already knows my innermost thoughts and struggles, so why not just give them to Him? Whenever I struggled … I invited God in. Every time I invite Him into my moments of temptation, He overwhelms me with purity and wholeness.”

I share this because it is so critical to understand that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but we wrestle against principalities, powers, ideas and lies that are hurting and even killing people around us.

There is a bright path forward for every person caught in the confusion of transgenderism, and it is the redemption of Jesus and the transformation of the cross. But radicals in Congress are doing their best to hide that from people like Ross.

If Ross’ depression landed him in a shelter instead of working in a coffee shop, H.Res. 1209 would have placed him in a women’s shelter. It would put at-risk women in harm's way by asking them to room with biological men. As a result, H.Res. 1209 would force any person of faith to choose between following their passion to serve people like Ross and abandoning them.

If Ross would have gone to a counselor for help, H.Res. 1209 would limit his counseling options by forcing the counselor to affirm transgenderism, even if he wanted to live in conformance with his birth sex.

I urge you to demand that Congress stop H.Res. 1209. Rush your urgent faxes to as many key leaders as possible before it is too late.

A few days ago, a mother scorched the Encinitas School Board for inviting all 5,000 of its K-6th grade students to a “family-friendly” Halloween “boo-bash” … but in the fine print, the school disclosed that this was a drag queen event hosted by a 21+ gay bar and a nearby “gender reassignment” clinic.

These two LGBTQ businesses are actively working to confuse, recruit, groom and manipulate children to permanently destroy their bodies for significant financial gain.

Parents came unglued. And rightfully so. However, if H.Res. 1209 is passed, this harmful LGBTQ agenda will spread like wildfire.

The Transgender Bill of Rights also includes abortion. Congress must hear from you before it’s too late. Help stop H.Res. 1209 by rushing an urgent fax message to the House now.

A staggering number of young people who have already gone through hormone drugs and mutilating surgeries are now speaking up and pushing back against the LGBTQ agenda and medical providers.

  • "I have such deep regret. I hate myself … I thought I can make it but I I probably can’t. I destroyed too much. I’m stupid. The only times I feel better is when I think about doing as much as possible to get back what I have lost … I just don’t see a reason anymore.” (@G_This_IsTheWay)

  • “Gender-affirming care turned me into a wreck and drove me to the edge of suicide. When I started … only my mental health was ruined, now my physical health is too. How many more young women do you want to destroy?” (@Zabel2107)

Pray for these people. Then, we need to act fast to stop H.Res. 1209 before it causes even more damage. It is critically important that members of Congress hear from you right NOW. Tell Congress NO on H.Res. 1209.

Those caught in gender confusion need the truth, encouragement and hope—and when you give to our ministry today, you help them find all three. You are the one who can make a huge difference.

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. If you prefer a petition over a fax? Select here.


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