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Medical Violence on the Vulnerable

Oct 15, 2022

Chloe says she was a victim of “medical violence” perpetrated by doctors and therapists more interested in ideology and money than science and health. She was put on testosterone at 13. Her breasts were removed at 15. Now an adult, Chloe is again living life as the biological woman God created her to be, but she does not know if she will ever be able to bear children … or if she will manage to avoid the horrific side effects that her doctors and therapists completely failed to mention.

But some members of Congress, entranced by the LGBTQ lobby, are trying to force transgenderism and its associated harms on all of America.

The intent of H.Res. 1209, the “Transgender Bill of Rights,” is to force doctors, parents, churches and religious schools to remain silent and submit to the radical LGBTQ “trans” agenda. Tell Congress, “Not on my watch!” —Mat

Chloe’s therapist had her attend a “top surgery” class, where she met a dozen other girls who “thought they were men.” But “we were never going to be men.” Instead, “we were fleeing from the uncomfortable feeling of becoming a woman.”

“I was unknowingly cutting off my true self from my body, irreversibly and painfully.” Chloe says the therapists she and her parents saw constantly downplayed any danger to the surgery. Nor did they consider that Chloe is on the autism spectrum and had a history of severe depression.

Instead of treating those issues, the therapists told Chloe’s parents that her body should be permanently mutilated. And to ensure parental compliance, the therapists and doctors told Chloe’s folks that “trans” kids who do not get surgery wind up dead by suicide.

That is a BIG LIE that is harming children. And now Congress wants to pass the Transgender Bill of Rights (H.Res. 1209) to make sure parents only hear lies. Tell them “No!” STOP the planned destruction of our children!

Terrified of losing their daughter, Chloe’s parents obeyed the medical “experts.” Chloe was put on hormone blockers at the age of 13, and a double mastectomy removed her breasts at 15.

A year after Chloe’s breasts were removed, her tomboy phase (as she calls it) ended. She realized she was not a boy at all. Her body and brain began yearning for womanly things … things that Chloe would never get to experience.

Thanks to what Chloe calls the “medical violence” perpetrated on her by an industry more interested in highly profitable surgeries than proper patient care, her life can never be the same.

In a June 2022 hearing before the California State Assembly, Chloe laid bare her anguish. “I will never be able to breastfeed a child. I have blood clots in my urine. I am unable to fully empty my bladder. I do not yet know if I am able to carry a child to full term. In fact, even the doctors who put me on puberty blockers and testosterone do not know.”

If H.Res. 1209 passes, more children like Chloe will be permanently harmed. Send your urgent faxes to stop H.Res. 1209.

It is unwise to tamper with God’s amazing design.

Global studies show that unnatural hormone treatment and mutilating surgery are causing a wide range of profoundly serious physiological damage.

Bladder issues like Chloe’s are quite common among both males and females who “transition.” But that’s not all. Biological females in the “trans” movement have noticed they are going bald in their mid-twenties. Sure enough, a study published in the British Journal of Dermatology found that “gender-affirming hormone use was significantly associated with reports of androgenetic alopecia (balding)” in women who “transitioned.”

And it gets worse. A study published in the Journal of British Society for Immunology found that hormone therapy is causing multiple sclerosis in teens and young adults! According to the study, trans hormone therapies cause “demyelination and neurodegeneration,” an extremely painful condition in which nerves are stripped of their protective sheaths and degenerate.

Like Chloe’s missing breasts, these side effects are permanent and irreversible—and we do not know how many other deadly side effects may await these confused kids later in life.

Now 18, Chloe spends her time fighting LGBTQ forces determined to silence her, the medical establishment that permanently harmed her and radical politicians who want to foist this sick evil on other children.

Desperate to ram the LGBTQ agenda down your throat, House Democrats are pushing the equivalent of the “Equality Act 2.0.” This travesty of a bill would put the extreme LGBTQ lobby and their lapdog politicians in full authority over YOU and YOUR FAMILY.

If the so-called Transgender Bill of Rights passes, you will not be given the opportunity to protect God’s plan for gender and sexuality. The politicians will make sure of it. In addition to the many evils of H.Res. 1209, doctors will be forced to comply with gender-bending requests. And parents will have no say.

“Kids rarely know who they are at these young ages,” Chloe says. “We don’t need to rush into these irreversible treatments, yet we are accelerating the process and it is harming kids.”

Will you take a stand right now for our children’s future? You can help us stop this horrific bill! Fax Congress now and sign our petition demanding Congress VOTE NO on the “Transgender Bill of Rights."

Our legal team is hearing from so many families, asking, begging for help. Liberty Counsel continues to fight in the halls of Congress and help parents as much as we can, but this is an uphill battle that needs every bit of help we can get.

There is far more work to do. Thankfully, a Challenge Grant has been established to DOUBLE THE IMPACT of every donation made today. We need YOUR HELP to keep freedom alive.

Mat Staver
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. You can also sign our petition to say VOTE NO on the TRANSGENDER BILL OF RIGHTS.


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