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What Was She Thinking

Oct 17, 2022

Why did a beautiful, healthy young woman decide to mutilate her own body? Because our society is systematically devaluing and discarding kids unless they do so … I’ll explain how below.

Helena Kerschner shared, “There is kind of a hierarchy” being pushed on these kids of oppressed vs. privileged. The more you identify as “oppressed,” the more your voice “counts."

Helena says, “this kind of belief system ... made me feel really guilty about being a cis-straight white girl. You begin to feel pressure to constantly apologize for yourself.” And that led her to ask: “How do I not be this ‘privileged’ person anymore?”

For her, the easy first step was to change her pronouns. Helena became “non-binary,” then demi-girl and after one to two years, she wanted to fully change her body to appear like a boy.

Children face immense pressure in school. This LGBTQ agenda is sick at a schoolwide level; however, now Congress is getting involved—by pushing the exact same message to young teens … and pushing the “Transgender Bill of Rights” that will SILENCE any opposing view! It is time to stop this right now, before the next child is hurt! Tell Congress to vote NO on H.Res. 1209! —Mat

This dangerous ideology of oppressed and oppressor was repeatedly pushed onto Helena. “One of the things that really supported my idea of being Trans was that before I was Trans, none of the adults in my life at school or anything really cared that much. They didn’t really see that I was struggling, but then when I said that I was Trans, then they all wanted to like bend over backward to help me be Trans.”

But it didn’t stop there. For Helena, saying she was “trans” replaced the social awkwardness that often accompanies children growing up. “If you don’t fit in, that’s a sign that you’re trans. If you don’t like your body, then that’s a sign that you’re trans,” Helena heard people say. “And if you transition all these problems will be fixed.”

Helena’s parents had concerns and resisted her going down this path. But that just further activated the teachers around her. The message Helena got from her teachers was, “I’m so sorry that your parents are not supporting you. We’ll ‘help’ you.”

Some educators have become political activists pushing LGBTQ ideology on children, dividing them between oppressed and oppressor, privileged and underprivileged, race and gender. Only the “oppressed” count.

No wonder we are seeing astronomical jumps in the number of kids who see themselves as “gender non-conforming.” Since 2019, the pro-LGBTQ Montgomery County School District in Maryland has seen a 582% increase in “gender non-conforming" students. This indoctrination is harming children.

Now members of Congress are pushing the “Transgender Bill of Rights” to further harm children. We must tell as many legislators as possible that kids should NOT have to mutilate their bodies to be heard and valued! Stop pushing this trash.

This assault on the next generation will continue until you and I stop it and oppose the Transgender Bill of Rights in Congress now

In just one visit, Helena was approved as a “perfect candidate for testosterone.” She told her nurse she wanted the highest dose because she felt like she had “excess estrogen.” Now, Helena just shakes her head and admits, “I had issues with my body; I don’t know why she listened to me.” But the nurse asked Helena how much testosterone she wanted and gave her the highest possible dose.

That was disastrous for Helena! “I was kind of possessed by something. I wasn’t myself anymore. Any emotion would turn into extreme rage. When I would get angry, I felt like hurting people or breaking something. And so … the only way I knew to control that was to hurt myself. I just couldn’t control myself ... eventually that got so bad that I ended up hurting myself badly enough to the point of going to the emergency room.”

She was admitted to the psych ward. There she was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and psychosis. She was unable to function or do anything productive.

“My life became a total disaster … I just felt like a monster.”

But when Helena went off of testosterone, she said, “All these symptoms went away and I was myself again.” She was on testosterone for 17 months. Not once did any doctor connect the dots. 

The LGBTQ ideology, especially in schools, is systematically lying to and destroying these children! And H.Res. 1209 will make matters even worse! Its intent is to amend the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to include “gender identity and sex characteristics.” It will silence counselors and anyone who resists. Tell Congress: VOTE NO ON H.Res. 1209!

LGBTQ and abortion, along with the economy, the border and national security is on the ballot this midterm. We must hold the line with the current Congress to stop these wicked bills. Only a few votes separate the outcome of H.Res. 1209 and other LGBTQ and abortion bills.

The lives and futures of children like Helena are hanging in the balance. We need to change the composition of Congress to better protect these children. At the same time we have to hold the line—not just through the election, and the lame-duck session, but also into January.

You can help change the story of the next girl like Helena to the truth she desperately needs. Help us help people like Helena. Support our ministry today and have YOUR GIFT’S IMPACT DOUBLED by the Challenge Grant. Select here.

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. You can also add your name to our petition to urge Congress to say "no" to H.Res. 1209.


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