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Shame on These Companies

Oct 27, 2022

She was just 12 years old when the abuse began. Carol kept trying to say no, but he wouldn’t listen and continued stalking her. First, it happened in the backseat of his car. He pinned her and forced himself on her, but for Carol, she said, “The pain was horrible, and I was terrified.”

Afterward he berated Carol. “No one will want you now. You are no longer a virgin. You are just a whore now, so you will need to stay with me, and we will keep this secret together. Don’t tell anyone or you’ll be taken from your family.”

He called himself Carol’s “fiancé” and then “he put a ring on my finger at 12 and told me I was his, and my mom said I had to do what he told me.” The abuse continued several times every week for two years.

When Carol got pregnant at 14, he was 20 and he freaked out. “You better tell them you want to marry me, or the state will take you away to a shelter, and you may not survive.” He threatened Carol that if she didn’t, he would commit suicide.

So, this 14-year-old went to the courthouse and got married while “crying profusely” … and no one even questioned it. “When we left, my then-husband said, ‘Now for sure, you are mine!’” That’s when he “started five years of brutal rapes — including one when my daughter was just three days old — mental abuse, physical abuse and neglect,” Carol said.

However, U.S. senators are working to pass a bill that will force all 50 states to recognize and honor abusive child “marriages” like what Carol experienced. It’s called HR 8404 and pushes same-sex and child bride “marriages” by establishing zero age limits for these marriages!

Rush your urgent faxes to the Senate to block this attack on our nation, on our freedom and on marriage. — Mat

For Carol, on her “wedding” day, her husband drove by her school. He “told me to go inside and quit. I was a married woman now, so no need for school. That was the longest walk of my life. Crying, I went in all by myself to withdraw,” and for the second time, “no one questioned it.” Carol’s life quickly disintegrated into abuse and neglect. With only an 8th-grade education, she gave birth to a second child.

“I was stealing wood from the neighbors to heat the house and stealing vegetables at night to feed myself and my children.” Her husband “withheld even the most basic of necessities like menstrual products, baby bottles, diapers, heat, electricity and food. We lived in a fully electric house once with no electricity. By this time, I had two babies, and maggots and roaches would crawl from the cooler where I stored the baby formula.”

A battle is raging in D.C. to pass the (Dis)Respect for Marriage Act, which will have damaging consequences. On Monday, a dozen large multinational corporations were on Capitol Hill to launch an attack against people like Carol by pushing HR 8404. Bowing to the LGBTQ agenda, they will destroy many lives if they win this battle.

In addition to same-sex marriage and polygamy, HR 8404 will require every state to recognize the dangerous child bride laws of a few states.

Toyota, Dell, General Mills and the rest of the LGBTQ corporate pawns should be ashamed.

Girls like Carol have no resources, no political clout and barely a voice even in their own home, let alone on Capitol Hill! They need people like you to reach out and advocate on their behalf.

This vote is getting closer. Democrats (and a handful of Republicans) have all pledged to support this bill. It is very close to passing.

We cannot allow Congress to enable this abuse of children. This bill already passed the House, and now we MUST stop it in the Senate. Rush urgent faxes to the Senate against HR 8404.

Carol is not alone. Estimates are a quarter of a million children were married off as child brides in America between 2000 and 2010! And the results of these so-called “marriages” are very harmful. Carol is clear about the devastating personal impact this had on her.

“What did that 20-year-old man take away from that 14-year-old girl? EVERYTHING. He took away my youth, my desire for a successful career, knowledge, travel, identity, respect, and the list goes on. But one thing he never took away was hope: Hope that one day, I will be of some use to someone to help them get to a better life.”

But the last thing her abuser was unable to take away, Congress is now desperately trying to steal from people like Carol!

The U.S. Senate is very close to destroying hope for a better life for these young girls by forcing the nation to legally recognize child bride marriages of any age right here in America.

I need you to act for people like Carol to send a clear message to Congress to stop them from messing up marriage and children. Help block this bill. Send your faxes to the Senate urging them to stop HR 8404 from attacking marriage and overriding states’ rights.

There are two strategies Democrats could use to pass this bill. First, they only need a few more votes to pass it.

Second, they could abolish the filibuster to pass this bill, along with their abortion and election-fraud-enabling bills.

Meanwhile, lobbyists from car, computer, cereal and cigarette companies have joined forces to push this law through Congress.

This bill would force the worst “marriage” laws on everyone. Rush your urgent faxes to every senator you can to block this bill.

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Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

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