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Exposed: A Different HRC Is Behind This

Nov 1, 2022

For decades, I have been on the front lines defending people of faith against an onslaught of censorship and intimidation.

I have defended former Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis since 2015 for her deeply held religious convictions. She refused to use her title and authority to endorse a marriage that ran contrary to the Bible. Her life was radically changed when she surrendered to the Lord a few years before her case became an international phenomenon.

Kim’s case is still ongoing, even though the Kentucky legislature unanimously passed a law to accommodate her religious beliefs.

Now Congress is trying to erase the protection.

Democrats, and even a few Republicans, are working to make attacks of faith exponentially worse. Senate leadership has promised to pass the (Dis)Respect for Marriage Act this month. This is a devastating attack on religious freedom.

One of the major LGBTQ lobby groups pushing this bill opposes ANY religious exemptions. In a 27-page rant, Human Rights Campaign (HRC) whines that religious freedom exceptions “elevate their prejudices above fairness and equality.” This group is intentionally working to subjugate people of faith under their own LGBTQ mantra.

In order to maintain good standing with HRC, 12 multinational corporations sent their lobbyists to Capitol Hill to twist the arms of senators to vote for the bill.

We need to urgently reach out to every member of the Senate to demand they oppose HR 8404. This bill passed the House, and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is desperate to pass it and get it to Joe Biden before he loses control. The vote count is very close. Too close! Rush urgent faxes to the Senate against HR 8404. — Mat

HRC is pushing HR 8404 and claims religious exemptions create a path for “discrimination to flourish.”

This group does not allow for genuine faith from an honest heart — but rather claims that only fake “overt religiosity” is the reason for refusing to participate, celebrate and support LGBTQ conduct.

HRC even goes so far as to claim that “Anti-LGBT religious exemption laws are likely to exacerbate mistreatment because, both on their face and in the political discourse that surrounds them, they tend to legitimize and signal official acceptance of discrimination against LGBT people.”

HRC says that religious freedom sends a “clear message” to “threaten the basic dignity of LGBT people,” and that it is actively working to suppress religious freedom.

HRC and its lobbyists and allied organizations believe that people of faith must be forced to bow before the LGBTQ agenda. HRC is demanding that legislators reject all “legislation that permits discrimination against LGBT people based on a provider’s asserted religious beliefs.” HRC is working against religious accommodation on the state and federal levels.

We must remember that when communism takes over a nation, the first thing it must do is get control of the faith community by either managing faith leaders to capitulate to their communist agenda or be attacked and marginalized to the point of irrelevance or nonexistence.

This is the end goal. Now is our moment to bow or be eliminated. Or better yet, stand up and stop the tyranny.

Senators need to hear your voice now.

Help us block HR 8404 with your urgent faxes right now to educate our senators on the importance of stopping this bill.

A religious freedom amendment has been suggested for HR 8404. But this is nothing more than a Trojan horse intended to trick a few Republicans into supporting this bill. But it will do nothing to protect people of faith.

This proposed amendment is nothing more than window dressing purporting to protect religious freedom. I’ll explain from my experience as a constitutional attorney arguing before the U.S. Supreme Court—and winning—this amendment does NOTHING to protect people of faith! It essentially says that HR 8404 does not preempt the Constitution. So what? It couldn’t do that anyway.

The federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) and the First Amendment protect religious freedom, but neither will protect religious and conscience objectors under HR 8404—even with this amendment.

  • First, RFRA only applies to the federal government, but marriage will be effectuated on the state level. As such, RFRA will not apply.

  • Second, a faulty U.S. Supreme Court ruling in 1990 (Employment Division v. Smith) greatly limited religious freedom protections under the First Amendment. Current precedent states only if there are other, nonreligious exemptions, then religious exemptions also must be allowed. However, HR 8404 has no exemption, so until the Smith decision is overturned, this amendment is meaningless.

This amendment is worthless, designed solely to fool a few Republicans to get the 60 votes it needs to pass. Even if conscience and religious objectors were given freedom, this amendment does nothing to protect from polygamy. It doesn’t stop pedophiles from abusing kids through child bride marriage. It would still open the door to incest. And same-sex “marriage” would be forced on the nation.

What good is it if some people are free to watch the rest of the nation slip into the pits of Hell?

This amendment fixes nothing! And we need to make sure our senators understand! Our memo exposing this ruse is being circulated among them to expose the truth. This vote is still coming. It is still a real threat. Send your urgent faxes to the Senate today to oppose HR 8404.

There will be a frenzied rush during the lame-duck session after the midterms—perhaps even attempting to abolish the filibuster. But our team is in the thick of this battle, and we rely on friends like you to raise your voice, educate your friends and support our ministry on Capitol Hill. You can support LC Action through a recurring monthly gift or a one-time donation. Act now to DOUBLE your impact through our Challenge Grant.

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

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