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Govt Censorship Exposed

Nov 3, 2022

Newly leaked documents exposed that our government has been secretly manipulating social media giants to censor you—in real time—so that you cannot see. You are being silenced from speaking the truth.

Under intense pressure, the Biden administration disbanded the Department of Homeland Security’s “Disinformation Governance Board.” But these new documents reveal that government censorship is continuing.

Leaked documents show that the DHS is working with Big Tech to censor what the Biden administration considers “disinformation or misinformation” about COVID, the elections, America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, Ukraine and more!

Congress must repeal Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act that gives Big Tech complete legal immunity. And Congress must act to stop government censorship.

Send your faxes to Congress to STOP THE CENSORSHIP! —Mat

“Behind closed doors, and through pressure on private platforms, the U.S. government has used its power to try to shape online discourse,” The Intercept reported.

“Prior to the 2020 election, tech companies including Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Discord, Wikipedia, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Verizon Media met on a monthly basis with the FBI, CISA, and other government representatives. According to NBC News, the meetings were part of an initiative, still ongoing, between the private sector and government to discuss how firms would handle misinformation during the election,” the report continued.

The Deep State government flagged “numerous posts as suspicious, many of which were then taken down.” This was exposed by the Missouri attorney general’s lawsuit.

DHS has changed from fighting the “War on Terror” to fighting a “War on Truth.” Or, in reality, they are fighting a “War on YOU!”

And they were doing this in secret and hiding behind lies.

We have been told by government officials that their hands were tied because social media giants were “private companies,” and the government had to respect their “freedom.”

Now we find out that the DHS and other Deep State rogues are behind the censorship. The reason the government was still protecting these companies was so each one could do the government’s bidding. These massive corporations act with complete immunity, granted to them by Congress in “Section 230.” In essence, these companies have become an extension of the federal government’s censorship dirty work.

Congress must take immediate action. In an interesting twist with Elon Musk buying Twitter, this issue will garner bipartisan support. The time is short. Send your faxes to the Senate urging them to repeal Section 230 and stop the censorship.

This collusion was so deep that back in February, Microsoft executive Matt Masterson texted this to a former DHS director: “Platforms have got to get comfortable with gov’t.”

Meeting notes between Laura Dehmlow, an FBI official, Twitter and JP Morgan Chase show a government agent warning these high-level executives that the “threat of subversive information on social media could undermine support for the U.S. government.” The notes of the meeting stressed that ”we need a media infrastructure that is held accountable.” 

The Intercept reports that there is a “formalized process for government officials to directly flag content on Facebook or Instagram and request that it be throttled or suppressed through a special Facebook portal that requires a government or law enforcement email to use.”

We can stop this government-private clandestine censorship. We have a better chance now of bipartisan support to make these changes.

Communist dictators could only dream of this level of sophistication to censor truth in past years. Now we have a unique opportunity to push back.

With the shakeup of Big Tech’s monopoly following the purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk, we have an opportunity to finally repeal Section 230 that allows unfettered censorship. The political left is now nervous about Twitter. The right is worried about the other social media and search engine platforms.

In other words, now is the time to get bipartisan support to repeal Section 230 and to stop the government-private censorship. 

Now is the moment to strike and urge Congress to repeal Section 230. This one act alone will allow people to hold Big Tech accountable. Even liberal publications like The Intercept are raising concern about what these documents reveal. And with the pending lawsuit, we can do this.

Send your urgent faxes to Congress to repeal Section 230 and STOP THE CENSORSHIP!

Censorship of the truth is dangerous. NOW is the time to stop the censorship. This is un-American!

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Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

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