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The GA Runoff Scheme

Nov 10, 2022

Georgia will have a runoff that could determine which party will control the U.S. Senate. Our team just heard from Republican leadership on Capitol Hill that Democrats want to manipulate a vote on the (Dis)Respect for Marriage Act to help them win the runoff Senate election in Georgia.

While the election results are still trickling in, this week’s results will embolden Democrats to jam even more radical legislation down our throats. There will be additional pressures on Senate Republicans to pass HR 8404, the (Dis)Respect for Marriage Act.

There are many ways a few Republicans can help Democrats do this—by leaving the floor vulnerable to a voice vote in the early morning hours, by discarding the filibuster altogether, by voting for this bill or even by slipping it into the budget’s continuing resolution before the end of the year.

All of the radical bills that are now logjammed in the Senate will expire at the end of the year. This means that Democrats will have to start over and might be prevented from doing so by a slim House Republican majority. So, there is intense pressure to slip these bills through the Senate right now. I need your help to hold senators accountable and hold the line against this bad bill. Rush urgent faxes to the Senate against HR 8404. —Mat

Some senators simply viewed HR 8404 as codifying same-sex marriage. That alone is wrong, especially since the Supreme Court’s 2015 opinion will likely be overturned at some point. But many senators have not carefully thought about the other far-reaching implications of HR 8404.

There are real people suffering considerable pain caused by child bride laws. The Respect for Marriage Act will encourage pedophiles to take more child brides and perpetuate horrible abuse—just like what Allison faced.

Allison was a 15-year-old Australian who was pushed into a relationship with an American military man 10 years older than her. Her mom was facing medical problems and wanted to rid herself of the responsibility of caring for Allison. “I am still in disbelief at how easy it was for my mother to get the assistance of the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service and the U.S. Consulate in order to get me a fiancé [sic] visa. I arrived in the U.S. knowing only him,” Allison shared.

“I endured 23 years of horrific abuse, and so did my four children. Nearly two decades later, the damage is still there” both physically and emotionally. It took Allison decades to reverse the abuse she says she faced, and she said it continues to take a toll on her children. 

Children are not prepared to be wives or parents. And they should not be rushed into these roles. Allison wisely observed, “Too many rules lacking morality leads to too many broken people, which leads to an unhealthy, drained society.”

Some senators are turning a blind eye to child bride marriages, and even taking actions that further trap young women in this cycle of abuse. If the Senate passes the Respect for Marriage Act, it will expand this abuse nationally.

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) moved the vote on HR 8404 until after the midterms in order to cobble together a few more Republican votes. All 50 Democrats are on board and as many as four Republicans.

The HR 8404 vote will be SOON, and it will be CLOSE. WE CAN AND WE MUST STOP IT.

HR 8404 throws open the doors for same-sex, child-bride, incestuous and polygamous “marriages” to be exported to every state and territory. We have a short window. Tell as many senators as you can to stop this bill!

Every minute of every day we need one senator on the floor to object to a voice vote. This will force a full vote, and we expect it to be very close.

We are meeting with senators and their staff this week. We need every senator we can get to stop this bill. YOU can make the difference.

Working together, we can stop HR 8404 from passing! Do not grow weary. Do not give up. Even if you have sent faxes to the senators, please do so again. 

The LGBTQ Human Rights Campaign is pressing hard on the senators, even amassing up to 220 companies to back the bill. Last week, 12 multinational companies were in Washington to lobby senators. 

Everyone must speak up NOW by sending faxes and signing the petition

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Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action


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