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Who Will Be Targeted Next?

Dec 24, 2022

The Biden administration is pushing hard for Vaccine Passports all around the world. In fact, Biden has already signed an international declaration agreeing to require them.

Radicals have already tipped their hand, and I’ll share their goals below in a shocking story about what can happen if we allow these Vaccine Passports and mandates to stand.

As we prepare to celebrate our Savior’s birth, powerful globalists are working to supplant Him by holding absolute power. From there, it is such a quick slide to the depths of slavery if we give up the power to decide what substance goes inside our bodies. No one should wield this much power. We must demand members of Congress stop Biden from giving up American freedom and sovereignty by demanding COVID shots! —Mat


Phillip* filed for a religious exemption to the COVID shots. The Navy then moved him and other religious exemption seekers to an old berthing barge in a nearby naval yard, and left them there, forbidding these faithful religious adherents from leaving the area, and even denied them the ability to leave the Navy … unless they got the COVID shot.

Phillip supplied the court with pictures of the stomach-churning conditions he and his shipmates were forced to live under. “The conditions on the barge are deplorable,” wrote Phillip:

  • Mold coats the walls and floors.
  • Raw sewage regularly seeps up through shower drains, spilling across the floors and pooling under sailor’s bunks.
  • Toilets are largely inoperable. Photos of toilet bowls are half filled with what looks like mud but is, in fact, rotting feces.

But it doesn’t even stop there. “There is some sort of worm thriving in the stagnant water in the toilet bowls and on the floor in the leaked water around the base of the toilets.”

Phillip has to mop the stinking mess from under his bunk daily.

“Needless to say, I do not feel comfortable or safe in this environment and I have contacted mental health services multiple times,” he wrote.

All Phillip had to do to escape this floating hell is to deny his faith, recant his religious exemption request and “voluntarily” accept the COVID injection.

He confessed that, given the conditions, "I do want—desperately—to be separated from the Navy as soon as possible,” said Phillip, “but I struggle with withdrawing my request as I feel it could signal that my religious objection was somehow not genuine, and it is.”

“It feels wrong to have to renounce my beliefs in order to get the Navy to separate me,” Phillip says.

But this is what raw power looks like.

Now Biden is working as quickly as possible to give this level of raw power to a foreign dictator, the head of the World Health Organization, with the ability to mandate Vaccine Passports.

If this power is allowed and permitted to grow, rather than a few people confined to a barge, we will be staring at a global effort to restrict and control your movements and even your body.

Send your urgent faxes to members of Congress to oppose giving American freedoms and national decision-making over to the WHO.

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Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action