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This Critical Day Has Arrived

Dec 31, 2022

This year has been a whirlwind with major victories (like blocking the Equality Act, helping overturn Roe v. Wade and pausing an international push for Vaccine Passports) as well as many challenges. Tonight is your last chance to support our ministry this year.

Act by midnight tonight, your time zone, to take advantage of our Year-End Challenge Grant to support Liberty Counsel Action! Your gift, in the final hours of 2022, is crucial to pushing back tyranny and restoring freedom in America. At LCA, we never charge when we get involved in policy or advocacy at the federal or local level—but we rely 100% on the kind and generous support of friends like you.

YOU, the faithful supporters of Liberty Counsel Action, make it possible for us to fight for respect for all human life and religious freedom for churches, ministries and people of faith. It gives our staff the resources to advise state and federal legislators all across America. You also help us fight and beat election fraud on the statewide level and so much more! 


December is the most crucial month for funding our vital work. For that reason, now is the best time to give. And that's especially true because the impact of your gift will be DOUBLED through our Year-End Challenge Grant. You can give online by midnight, your time zone.

Your gift will help millions of people find freedom and hope.

The Liberty Counsel Action team is committed to faithful stewardship.

As we have seen throughout 2022, our ongoing mission is critical, and we need your help to continue our efforts to advance policies and legislation to protect life, liberty, faith and family.

And through our providential Challenge Grant, every gift made by midnight in your time zone will be effectively DOUBLED in its impact, which makes your gift right now even more meaningful!

Please, click here now to invest your year-end financial support:

Thank you so much for your prayers and support!  
God bless you now and throughout the coming year!

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action