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Unveiling the WHO's Plan This Month

Jan 4, 2023

This month, the World Health Organization (WHO) is holding 10 meetings on everything from “health interventions” to “Behavioral Science” to our food supply. The meetings also include discussion on “strengthening integrated emergency, critical and operative care.” Ironically, that meeting is hosted by Ethiopia, the corrupt and bloody home nation of the director of the WHO.

These topics are rich coming from an organization head who appears to have led Ethiopia to misdiagnose sick people and starve political opponents to death by withholding aid and medical care for children during a famine.

And, of course, global Vaccine Passports are always part of the globalist agenda to seize control of people under the guise of public health.

WHO is actively seeking power, control and world domination … and Joe Biden can’t figure out how to give it to them fast enough. We have a short time to educate new members of Congress and take action before Biden proceeds with his plan to expand the global authority of the WHO.

Demand that members of Congress do everything in their power to stop WHO from its global plan to control the nations—including America. Send your urgent faxes today. —Mat

Vaccine Passports are a real threat. The White House is working to give WHO authority to declare a public health threat on any nation and thus control the people of that nation. WHO will then designate nongovernmental groups, like those run by George Soros or Bill Gates, to act on its behalf. 

This new authority will not only include “health emergencies” and food supplies but also “climate change,” abortion and much more. In other words, WHO could declare a public health emergency in America if we did not have EV cars by a certain date or if a state banned or restricted abortion. This is a direct attack on a nation’s independence and sovereignty.

Already, the European Union, Australia and African nations have set up a Vaccine Passport system. At the same time, Biden’s initial attempt last summer would have given WHO authority over what is “essential” in the supply chain, and thus give WHO the power to decide what is “essential” and what isn’t. WHO could declare your employment, religious involvement or medical treatment all as “nonessential.”

Now WHO is in active planning meetings about your food, behaviors and coordinating “emergency” medical protocols.

It is absolutely chilling to consider placing this level of power into the hands of a social Darwinist who believes that some have to die for the benefit of others, or that health care should be rationed based on age or condition. These people have NO business making health decisions for you and me.

WHO should be stripped of its funding and blocked from having any control over Americans—but instead, Joe Biden is pushing to give WHO control “regarding persons, baggage, cargo, containers, conveyances, goods and/or postal parcels.”

With the change of control in the U.S. House, now is the time to let congressional members hear from you.

Back home in America, the CDC is adding COVID-19 shots to the list of injections for school children in 2023. Already California and Washington, D.C., have mandated these injections, while some schools in New Jersey and Pennsylvania are rolling out mask mandates again.

These injections are still being mandated, even while we are seeing healthy people “die suddenly.” Two studies recently exposed that people with COVID shots were more likely than those with natural immunity to get COVID, even more than twice as likely in age-specific control groups.

The insane push for these injections continues. Globalists have found COVID to be a good excuse to control people and the population.

I want to share a victory with you. My team were the only staff members who were tirelessly fighting the U.S. Department of Defense's (DOD) COVID shot mandates on Capitol Hill.

For more than a year, we told the stories of our brave men and women who were under fire for their religious faith. We shared statistics, medical data and potential legislative solutions. We even went from office to office introducing the people harmed by these mandates ... and finally—as part of the budget bill—Congress forced the DOD to revoke these mandates.

While the military mandate is now paused, we still have more work to do to bring justice to service members who were discharged and those who were punished.

It is an especially sweet victory when our team partners with you to fight and win this battle on Capitol Hill. This is what your support accomplished. While the war on your freedom is far from over, we could not have won this victory without you. And now—thanks to you—millions of grateful U.S. service members have the ability to serve God and their nation at the same time.

We hope you will join us by giving your best gift to win the next battle against this tyranny and support our mission by signing up for recurring monthly donations to help end this chapter of injuries and deaths now.

Our Challenge Grant is extended. DOUBLE THE IMPACT OF YOUR GIFT.

We want to keep you updated on the fast-paced events happening in Washington, D.C., so you can make your voice heard on key issues like the one before us now.

Life and liberty depend on our actions now.

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action


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