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Done With Mandates—Just Wait For This

Jan 20, 2023

We’re facing a coordinated global effort to control and force you to inject experimental drugs, mRNA or whatever into your body to travel, to get medical treatment and even to get food or ship packages! There are new amendments to the governing documents of the World Health Organization (WHO) that would give WHO unfettered authority to dictate everything around you — and even what goes into your body.

These amendments expand WHO’s power from a declaration of a “public health risk” to “all risks with a potential to impact public health.” Anything can be a “potential” risk to “public health.” This includes access to abortion, “climate change” and, of course, COVID.

Need to travel for work? If the amendments pass, WHO will set the rules. Quarantine and isolation will be determined by the WHO.

They call all the shots — literally. This is how Joe Biden wants it.

Send your faxes now to members of Congress to stop Joe Biden from giving WHO control of America. —Mat

We are witnessing global genocide with the impact from these injections. This is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated.

Australia quietly reported that of the 1,779 people hospitalized for COVID, 80% of them were vaccinated. Of the 140 people who were placed in the ICU for COVID, ALL were vaccinated. Of the 95 who died with COVID, 82 of them were known to be vaccinated, 7 did not have verified records, and only 6 of COVID deaths were unvaccinated.

Out of 2,014 people who needed medical care for COVID the last two weeks of 2022, only six were known to have been unvaccinated.

Yet there was no apology and no public warning against these shots. No, the Australian government simply decided it will no longer track the vaccine status of people admitted for COVID so they can hide the uncomfortable truth: These injections are a deadly failure.

The current VAERS report of 38,464 deaths (including miscarriages) from these injections in the U.S. is just the beginning. Historically, VAERS reports only about 1% of actual, so the real numbers are far greater. More than 62,019 people are permanently disabled from the shots; and the 26,166 diagnosed cases of myo/pericarditis after these shots have a more than 1-in-5 risk of dying within five years from this heart condition.

People like Charity. She was pressured into getting the shot by her employer. She is a mother of two. A gymnast and a cheerleader, Charity also enjoyed yoga, and staying active has always been a big part of her lifestyle and identity. She had been an EMT, but since the injections, Charity has been hospitalized six times with myocarditis. She had two reactions that were spaced exactly the same number of days after her two shots of Moderna.

If WHO gains the power Biden wants to give it, we will lose our freedom — and possibly our very lives. WHO will have global authority to mandate vaccines and dictate or restrict medical treatment.

Remember the playground with crime tape? Remember the beaches where one man was arrested for standing on a boat alone, and then you couldn’t sit down on the beach because of COVID but had to keep walking? Then remember the restaurants where you couldn’t stand up unless you had a mask on but you could sit down and remove it? Remember the church lockdowns and no singing or chanting?

These bizarre, arbitrary and invasive directives came from state and local governments. If WHO gets the power it is seeking, U.S. courts will have no jurisdiction to stop this global government.

An unholy alliance is scheming to take away our freedom. The G20 Summit recently met and voted to give authority to WHO, with Biden’s approval. Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum were represented. WHO is funded by globalists like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which has donated hundreds of millions of dollars to WHO and holds incredible power over this organization.

And none of these groups care the slightest about your freedom. They don’t even care about your life. There is no way they should control every aspect of what is necessary for us to live.

The impact of these amendments is far reaching. Missions work could be thwarted by WHO restricting travel. Visits to your family could be held hostage. Business trips and even vacations could all be up to WHO.

I am leading trips to Israel this year. If WHO gets the power to mandate injections, that would be the end of walking in the footsteps of Jesus and deepening people’s faith through this journey. There are life-altering opportunities that are put at risk by this global power grab.

But what is at stake right now is so much greater than travel. These amendments give WHO the authority to punish any country that does not comply. WHO can cut off all medication with its “equitable” distribution policy. It can require a nation to produce or not produce certain medicines or food or engage in certain commerce. It can control the food supply, interrupt trade and shipping, and the list just keeps going page after page!

Imagine how much more suffering and death there would have been if the CDC and World Health Organization would have had the ability to fully control and cut off all ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine and other successful treatments.

We cannot let a corrupt, foreign dictator control our health and our freedom! Fax members of Congress to stop this push for global Vaccine Passports and ceding sovereignty to WHO.

This is an incredibly dangerous threat to freedom. In addition to faxing and signing the petition, we need your prayers and financial support. DOUBLE the impact of your gift today.

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. You can also sign a petition by selecting here.


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