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Six Minutes to Disaster

Feb 2, 2023

Captain Bob Snow did not want the shot, but American Airlines pressured him to get the jab or lose his job. So, as the sole breadwinner in his family, with great reservation, he took the shot. What happened next, 6 minutes after landing in Dallas, is deeply disturbing. We put his story on our website, and I interviewed him on my TV program, Freedom Alive®. This week, Tucker Carlson of Fox News picked up Captain Snow’s story and the incredibly dangerous situation that could have impacted 200 lives.

This powerful story is one of many that show these shots are dangerous — not just to the people who get them but also to airline passengers relying on healthy pilots. The federal regulatory agencies and Big Pharma that pushed these dangerous and deadly COVID shots knew these risks and hid them from the public. It is time for the U.S. House to fully investigate and then HOLD PEOPLE ACCOUNTABLE starting immediately.

Captain Bob Snow had been with American Airlines for 31 years. As a pilot, Bob was monitored every six months for health and fitness as required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to ensure he was in good health to be entrusted with the lives of passengers and crew. Bob was the picture of health.

Since he was 7, Bob wanted to fly. And after a few years of flying in the military, he transferred into commercial flying.

All that changed on November 7, 2021. The airline’s director of flight operations ordered Bob to get the COVID jab or be fired immediately. “Under duress, I took the vaccine,” Bob told viewers in footage recorded in his Intensive Care Unit room at a Texas hospital.

“I was very hesitant,” Captain Snow said. “Alarms were going off.” He’d already had COVID, and for him, it was little more than a low-grade fever and a temporary loss of taste and smell. 

Captain Snow didn’t need this shot. He was already healthy and had immunity. But that didn’t stop the airline from demanding it.

Then in April, Captain Snow was on a routine flight from Denver to Dallas. Thankfully on the approach to Dallas-Fort Worth, his plane was cleared to land with no delay.

Six minutes after the wheels touched down, Bob passed out in the front of the plane as passengers were still deplaning. Passengers were the first to ask if he was OK, but Captain Snow completely blacked out. He “coded out,” meaning he no longer had breath or a pulse. He required multiple shocks and intubation to stabilize him long enough for the ambulance to rush him to a local hospital’s cardiac unit. Thankfully, a large number of emergency personnel were just one gate away and arrived immediately, shocked him three times and rushed him to the nearest hospital.

If this had happened a few minutes earlier — during final approach — the lives of 200 people plus crew could have been in serious jeopardy. Takeoff and landing are the most critical points of flight. In November 2022, an American Eagle captain in training died shortly after takeoff from Chicago.

When Captain Snow was able to speak later while in the hospital, he said, “This is what the vaccine has done for me,” as he lifted his gown to reveal a myriad of wires and tubes snaking in and out of his body and connected to blinking and beeping machines.

“I’ll probably never fly again,” Bob said with a slight break in his once strong and confident voice. FAA health and safety requirements will preclude him from continuing in his chosen career. And get this — to this day the FAA has NEVER spoken to Captain Snow about this serious incident. No investigation. The FAA, FDA and CDC must be investigated!

“This is unacceptable, and I am one of the victims.” ...

Captain Snow’s story is one of the millions of reported adverse reactions to these COVID shots. This needless suffering breaks my heart. What are we doing to our fellow American citizens?

If the captain’s heart had stopped while in the air, his would have been one of the many deaths from these COVID shots. Captain Snow is very blessed just to be alive, but his future is not rosy.

His daughter wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps and become an airline pilot. “I was hoping to teach my daughter to fly,” he said. But that will not happen, because of the damage the COVID shot did to his formerly healthy heart. 

Bob is being treated by a world renowned cardiac and COVID expert who also happens to be my friend and one of the many experts we consult.

Bob wants the world to know that “this is not the American way.”

The government should not have mandated these shots. The federal agencies should not have rushed them through approval without proper testing, and the same regulatory agencies and Big Pharma should not have lied and withheld critical information that would have stopped the shots!

It is critical to urge the U.S. House to fully investigate all of these federal agencies and Big Pharma that failed Captain Snow and millions of others. It’s time to HOLD THESE PEOPLE ACCOUNTABLE.

In a huge victory this week, the U.S. House passed multiple bills to end the public health emergency and to end the mandate regarding health care workers and facilities. But just closing this chapter of history will not win justice for those like Captain Snow who have already lost so much.

It is time for the House to conduct a thorough investigation. Send critical faxes to the House to “Hold People Accountable.”

We CANNOT allow this injustice to go unpunished. The people who forced this shot on Captain Snow want to walk away scot-free so they can do it again whenever they please. 

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Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

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