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Guess Who Is Tracking Your Gun

Mar 6, 2023

One of the most basic rights in America is the right of self-defense, and thus the reason behind the Second Amendment. But part of Joe Biden’s master plan is to establish a One World Government with global authority to disarm people under the guise of “public health.”

The World Health Organization (WHO) has already stated that disarmament is part of its agenda. The WHO established a four-step plan to deal with “violence” worldwide. And it is already implementing this plan starting this year, to the enthusiasm of gun control activists.

The rise of any tyrannous government necessitates the disarming of the people. Centralized control of people creates resistance, and the resisters must become impotent. If the proposed amendments to the governing documents of the WHO are allowed to pass, these radical Marxist goals will become global mandates with devastating enforcement powers.

Biden is stirring up the most appalling concoction to destroy our freedom, and the WHO is pushing full speed ahead to finalize this ghoulish agenda. We have a short time to demand that Congress stop Biden from giving the WHO full control over America. Fax Congress now! — Mat

This New World Order doesn’t want anyone to fight this global agenda, not with words — not with anything. The WHO is working on a plan to surveil anyone with guns and then remove the guns “before” they are used. By the way, Discover Financial Services will now track gun purchases beginning in April. This move comes after the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) launched a dedicated code for gun retailers.

At any rate, on its website under “Public Health Approach to Gun Violence Prevention,” the WHO claims that “Gun violence is a public health epidemic.” Then the WHO makes the following statement:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and World Health Organization outline a public health approach to violence prevention based on four steps:

(1) define and monitor the problem,
(2) identify risk and protective factors,
(3) develop and test prevention strategies,
(4) ensure widespread adoption of effective strategies.

Notice the time frame here. The ISO, which boasts of having a membership of 167 “national standards bodies” with only one per nation, is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland (the same place as the WHO). The ISO launched its gun code last fall. The WHO launched its plan to curb “gun violence” this year. And Discover launches its tracking next month. Coincidence? Hardly.

Lest you think the ISO is only interested in standards, think again. The ISO has also jumped into the culture wars with climate change. In 2020, the ISO “turned its attention to pressing global problems of climate and sustainability. We’re delivering on our strategy and helping others to step up and take climate action through the London Declaration.”

The London Declaration on Neglected Tropical Diseases was launched on January 30, 2012, to eradicate certain diseases by 2020. It was inspired by — you guessed it — the WHO and Bill Gates. It is the largest coordinated effort to eliminate certain diseases and, of course, Big Pharma is right in the middle of this global effort.

But I digress. The WHO’s global control of “public health” will, no doubt, meet resistance — but not to worry because the WHO has a plan for that too. The disarmament or gun restriction plan is scheduled to be fully implemented by 2026.

The Founders were right when they wrote the Second Amendment.

The WHO is not content to just target guns. No, in 2009, the WHO published a document stating that “carnage could be significantly reduced, however, by limiting access to three of the most lethal means of violence: firearms, sharp objects (such as knives) and pesticides.”

The WHO wants to control, regulate and limit your access to guns, pesticides, and even sharp objects! No more kitchen knives! This is ridiculous, but I want you to understand how dangerous this is when paired with the new amendments that will change the WHO from being an advisory agency to a legally binding global governing body.

Joe Biden knows he cannot get this past 2/3 of the U.S. Senate, so he is trying to call these amendments an “agreement” or an “accord,” not a “treaty.” There is some precedent for this to occur. And that’s why it is so important to demand Congress stop Joe Biden and the WHO.

Right now, the WHO has staff in Geneva, Switzerland, focusing exclusively on controlling what weapons you may access.

The WHO states that its goal is to “lower firearms ownership,” and to do that, the WHO is pushing for “bans, licensing schemes, minimum ages for buyers, [and] background checks,” which, it says, is effective toward this goal.

The WHO admits that one of the problems is that “Just 9% of civilian firearms are estimated to be registered with authorities.” The WHO is working toward knowing the location and ownership of every gun, but it is disturbing that a global governing body wants to know where every single firearm is. Enter the ISO with its new gun purchase code, and the picture becomes clear.

If Biden gets his way, the WHO will control everything from disarming the citizenry to declaring shutdowns to closing borders, from interrupting trade to forcing mandatory vaccinations — the WHO will control it all.

STOP this deadly plan to cede America to the United Nations’ WHO with your powerful faxes right now.

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We must stop WHO from controlling America and the world.

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

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