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Now They're Coming For Saltshakers

Mar 10, 2023

Yesterday the World Health Organization (WHO) met to discuss “Achieving well-being — A global framework for integrating well-being into public health using a health promotion approach.”

Initially that might sound fine; however, “well-being” is defined as “the state of being comfortable.” So now the WHO is pushing to make everyone “comfortable” … well, not everyone.

You and I present a problem for the WHO. Because it is our faith, the truth, and our insistence on freedom that makes these tyrants extremely UNcomfortable.

  • And so does not having abortion-on-demand available to everyone.
  • Or not giving sterilizing and mutilating surgeries to confused children.
  • Even your mere existence makes climate change activists uncomfortable.
  • And don’t quote a Bible verse or speak against sin or invite someone to church because that will certainly make someone uncomfortable.

If the global standard becomes “comfort,” then there’s nothing to stop the tyrants. Free speech — makes them uncomfortable. Medical treatment you want (or don’t want) — makes them uncomfortable. So do parental rights, the kind of car you drive, wearing a mask, your thermostat setting, guns, AND EVEN HOW MUCH SALT IS IN YOUR FOOD. That’s right. I'll explain below.

Joe Biden is setting up the WHO to gain global authority on the nations. He is following the playbook of Obama and both Bush presidents. They were wrong, but what Biden is trying to do is much worse. If the proposed documents are passed, the WHO directives will become binding.

We cannot allow that to happen! We are beginning to get the attention of a few members of Congress. But it is NOTHING like the wave of opposition necessary to block the WHO. Even if you have already messaged, I urge you to make your voice heard in Congress to stop WHO and Joe Biden from this insane global power grab! — Mat

The WHO is just getting started. Today they are meeting to discuss a “mechanism on Substandard and Falsified Medical Products.”

“Truth” will become whatever a globalist dictator says it is. “In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act” (which some attribute to George Orwell).

If the WHO considers ivermectin, HCQ, nutraceuticals, or any other treatment to be false or substandard, the WHO will crush it and punish health care providers or other purveyors of this “falsified” information.

The WHO will define what is “Substandard and Falsified”? Not you, nor the medical doctors or other experts. Medical doctors who do not bow to the WHO will face discipline with threats against their licenses and board certifications.

We have already seen this censorship during COVID with fake “fact-checkers” hiding the truth under pressure from the Biden administration or because they receive money from carrying the government’s narrative.

Only now are these global dictators establishing a real-world enforcement “mechanism” to stop the truth and control and eliminate anything it deems “substandard” on a global scale. Our Constitution makes these globalists very uncomfortable. They want to bring America to its knees.

If those two meetings weren’t enough, on Monday, the WHO plans a morning meeting on “Strengthening the Global architecture of Health Emergency Preparedness Response and Resilience.”

After lunch, the WHO is preparing a budget for Vaccine Passports during its “Programme [sic] Budget 2024-25 and deep dive into the digital platform.”

This One World Government is barreling down on us preparing for its final meeting in May where it needs only a majority of nations to make its directives legally binding. And unless Congress stops Joe Biden, he will sign America on the dotted line.

But that’s not all, the WHO wants to control everything right down to a grain of salt ... That’s right.

The WHO wants governments to restrict how much salt you can consume. Just this week WHO tweeted, “Eating too much salt is one of the top risk factors for heart disease, stroke, and death.” Then it bemoaned that "only 5%” of nations are adhering to the WHO’s push for “mandatory and comprehensive sodium reduction policies.”

Even the saltshaker isn’t safe from the WHO’s global push for mandatory restrictions! The WHO is on a mission to reduce global salt consumption. While too much salt is not good for you, it’s none of the WHO’s business how much salt people consume.

Pontificate all you wish. For now, we can ignore the WHO’s craziness because its proclamations are “advisory.” BUT if these amendments pass (and they will if Congress does not stop Joe Biden), this will no longer be a laughing matter. The WHO’s proclamations will be legally binding.

We must tell Congress to do everything in its power to STOP the WHO amendments. Send your faxes now to members of Congress urging them to stop WHO from taking control of America.

Under our Constitution, government power is shared and limited through checks and balances. The Constitution is a pest to the Biden administration. The answer to this problem is to establish a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT that is free from our pesky constitutional rights! We must WAKE UP CONGRESS!

This is a coordinated attack by Biden and many other actors. Our team is frantically working to counter these threats. Partners like you undergird the mission of LC Action to make our vital work possible. Donate today through our Challenge Grant to DOUBLE the impact of your gift.

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. You may also sign our petition to demand Congress do everything in its power to block these changes.


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