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These Laws Are Not COOL

Mar 15, 2023

Some members in Congress claim that the impending amendments to the World Health Organization (WHO) cannot change U.S. law. They are WRONG. Below I will give one of many examples.

Please read this very important update today so you can educate your members of Congress on how they MUST stop Joe Biden’s WHO takeover plot. Fax Congress now to demand they DO THEIR JOB AND PROTECT THE U.S. CONSTITUTION by stopping Joe Biden’s plan to put America under United Nations’ rule. —Mat

In 1988, President George H.W. Bush began negotiating with Canada and Mexico to form what was then the largest trade block in the world. Unable to finish negotiations before the end of his presidency, Bush passed the project on to incoming President Bill Clinton who signed America on to the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which became effective in 1994.

Both presidents knew they could not reach a 2/3 majority approval of the Senate required under our Constitution to pass a treaty. So, they simply called the massive trade measures “agreements.”

In 2002, Congress passed the Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) law to protect American consumers, requiring meat sold in the United States to list the country of origin for the product. Canada and Mexico promptly sued the United States for violating the NAFTA “agreement.”

The lawsuit took seven years to wind its way through the U.N.’s World Trade Organization (WTO) Appellate Panel (a world court) before a ruling finally came down. The WTO ordered that the U.S. COOL law was in violation of the international law created by the NAFTA agreement.

The U.S. was forced to either change its labeling laws or face over a billion dollars in trade sanctions. The U.S. appealed but lost again.

On December 18, 2015, Congress was forced to repeal its 2002 labeling law and replace it with the WTO standard.

It’s happening again ...

This month, the WHO is meeting to change its International Health Regulations (IHR). President George W. Bush signed us onto the WHO’s IHR — again without Senate approval — in 2005. However, the WHO and the IHR rules were only advisory at that time. Bush argued he had unilateral authority because Congress had previously approved membership in the WHO going back to 1949!

Fast-forward to 2023, and the WHO no longer desires to be simply an advisory agency. Thanks in part to proposals made by the Biden administration, the WHO now seeks to become an enforcement body whose dictates will carry the full force of international law.

And just like his predecessors, Joe Biden intends to give away our sovereignty by calling this treaty an “agreement” so he can force America to bow to the U.N.’s international laws.

Sadly, too many in Congress are unaware of how these international bodies change U.S. law, thanks to the treaties former presidents signed without Senate consent. And, as our staff members on Capitol Hill are learning, very few of those members of Congress have actually read the proposed amendments by Joe Biden and the WHO.

The very people who were elected to protect our Constitution are ignorantly discarding it and marching America straight into global rule through United Nations agencies, including the WHO.

And what the WHO seeks to change about our laws is breathtaking! If Congress does not intervene quickly, Biden will sign the WHO treaty giving the WHO FULL control over our borders, health care, travel, and more.

More specifically, the WHO treaty seeks to force American doctors and hospitals to perform abortions and child sex changes, even as it forces us to open our borders and lower our thermostats, among a list of other unbelievably tyrannical measures.

Unless we stop this NOW, we will all be stuck under the United Nations’ WHO rule over nearly every aspect of our lives.

Senators Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Ron Johnson (R-WI) are raising the alarm, trying to fight Biden’s unlawful scheme. The WHO is pushing for “broad new powers under a new international treaty for pandemic preparedness and response,” according to Rubio.

Senator Rubio is working to “require that any convention or agreement resulting from the work of the World Health Assembly’s intergovernmental negotiating body be deemed a treaty, requiring the advice and consent of the Senate.”

Sen. Johnson agrees, saying “[T]he WHO, along with our federal health agencies, failed miserably in its response to COVID-19. Its failure should not be rewarded with a new international treaty that would increase its power at the expense of American sovereignty.”

Johnson noted he and Rubio are working to make clear to the Biden administration “that any new WHO pandemic agreement must be deemed a treaty and submitted to the Senate for ratification.”

Senators Rubio and Johnson need YOUR HELP right now to fight the Biden administration’s egregious attempt to transfer U.S. sovereignty to the United Nations’ WHO and its world courts.

The sovereignty of the United States is not negotiable,” says Sen. Johnson (emphasis added). He’s right!

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action


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