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No More Private Property

Mar 16, 2023

Joe Biden and the World Health Organization (WHO) are pushing for sweeping changes that will give them the power to control land — with ZERO restrictions to safeguard private property. It will mandate that government officials monitor and even dictate what you can do on your own land.

Right after taking the oath of office, Biden shut down the cross-border Keystone XL Pipeline. Predictably, the price of gas skyrocketed.

This month Biden announced he will prevent or limit drilling on 16 million acres of land in Alaska and in the Arctic Ocean.

The federal government owns and controls more than 80% of all land in Nevada. It owns 60% of Alaska. In fact, it owns about 660 million acres of land across America.

And with the click of a pen, Biden can completely control what happens on federal land. But even that is not enough for these globalists. Now Biden wants to deputize the WHO to have this same power over ALL land use — public or private. Imagine the WHO as a global zoning and permit authority.

Flood Congress with as many faxes as possible to oppose and defund this disturbing power grab and stop the Biden administration. — Mat

The proposed amendments to the WHO governing documents will enable it to control your property. If adopted, the WHO directives will change from advisory to mandatory and legally bind America and other nations.

The WHO’s stated goal is to monitor and control land (without private property protection). The WHO would force nation states to monitor and report “the human-animal-environment interface, including but not limited to climate change, land use change, wildlife, trade, desertification and antimicrobial resistance.”

The WHO could assert “desertification” (land regressing into desert) if there is a lack of rainfall and thus exercise control over any property. Even if there is abundant rainfall, the government can use “monitoring desertification” to require inspections of all private land at any time.

If a nation does not respond to the WHO’s satisfaction, the WHO can claim that government is harming people and use this excuse to take control of the land.

Under the guise of anything that has the “potential to impact public health,” the WHO can assert its global authority. The WHO considers “climate change” a “public health crisis.” The WHO could therefore control land use, including what can be grown on the land or whether beef can be raised.

Lest you think this is impossible, Biden learned from Obama, Clinton, and George W. Bush, all who unilaterally signed America on to legally binding international agreements.

We have limited time to stop the WHO takeover. We must WAKE UP CONGRESS to stop the WHO’s power grab before it’s too late. Send your urgent faxes to members of Congress to oppose sacrificing Americans’ sovereignty to the WHO.

Under the proposed WHO amendments, “land use” is never defined.

If a landowner wants to use land for farming or ranching, this international treaty will empower the WHO to intervene. If a developer wants to build a residential or commercial complex, the WHO could nix it because of the supposed impact on “climate change.”

Want to put a garden in your backyard or use rainwater from your roof? And don’t forget, the WHO’s biggest private funder, Bill Gates, is buying land and even seeds. His influence is so pervasive with the WHO that you can bet his directives will be done through this one world government.

Joe Biden hopes you underestimate what he plans to do. We have to raise Cain in Congress to demand that these changes be presented to the Senate where they will need a 2/3 vote.

A World Economic Forum contributor, Ida Auken, was nominated as its Young Global Leader. She explained the vision: “Welcome To 2030: I Own Nothing, Have No Privacy And Life Has Never Been Better.” She is a member of the socialist party in the Danish Parliament.

The easiest and quickest way to have no one own land is to first make no one want land. The crucial step for that to work is to erase all benefits and privileges of land ownership.

These changes to the WHO’s authority are EXACTLY what radicals need to take control of private property.

We already know their goal. Private property is critical to freedom. Lose the right to private property and you will lose freedom.


Liberty Counsel Action is working to raise awareness of this attack on your freedom. We will fight lockdowns, shot mandates, Vaccine Passports, and any other attempt to rob you of your God-given freedom.

Anything you can give today will have DOUBLE THE IMPACT through our Challenge Grant. You can also support our mission by signing up for recurring monthly donations.

It’s time to let Congress know that our property and our freedoms are not for sale.


Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

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