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Creating the Next Pandemic

Apr 5, 2023

Today is the third straight day of meetings of the World Health Organization (WHO) to finalize its plan to take away your constitutional rights and create the next big disease — but don’t expect the media to be discussing one of the biggest political coup d'etats against our freedom and our personal health decisions!

While several federal agencies are now admitting that COVID most likely came from gain-of-function research and development in the Wuhan, China, lab (which Dr. Fauci funded) ...

The WHO along with other globalists are rushing ahead to create the next worldwide pandemic by promoting gain-of-function research, then giving Big Pharma the green light to distribute drugs even faster while exercising control over other medical products and medications that could be used to slow the pandemic!

Demand that Congress STOP Biden’s attempt to put America under the U.N.’s one-world governance. There is no time to waste! —Mat

In the new “Pandemic Treaty,” the WHO demands nations build a system to rush drugs and treatments not based on demonstrated safety standards.

This treaty states: “Each Party shall build and strengthen its country regulatory capacities and performance for timely approval of pandemic-related products and, in the event of a pandemic, accelerate the process of approving and licensing pandemic-related products for emergency use in a timely manner” (emphasis added).  

Then in the next paragraph, the WHO demands that every nation must follow the WHO directives to regulate and remove any treatments it deems “substandard” or “falsified.” If the WHO had this power over the last three years, no one could have had access to hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.

Thankfully, in many corners of the U.S., brave doctors put everything on the line and used their voice, their prescriptions, and their independent research to save the lives of their patients despite the coordinated propaganda.  

However, some doctors have now had their board certifications threatened because they saved lives — while at the same time, Joe Biden is desperately trying to give the WHO unfettered power and money to continue the exact same immoral and deadly restrictions on health care!

Now is the time to push back before WHO gets this level of power worldwide.

While this master global plan never includes the words “gain-of-function,” this treaty very clearly spells it out.  

Each nation is to have private corporations “carry out work to genetically alter organisms to increase their pathogenicity and transmissibility” (i.e., to make the disease more damaging to those infected and easier to spread to others).

Then the WHO states that every nation “should encourage non-State actors to participate in and accelerate innovative research and development for addressing novel pathogens, pathogens resistant to antimicrobial agents and emerging and re-emerging diseases with pandemic potential.”  

And the WHO clearly states that any safety measures that a nation tries to take must be limited, “ensuring that these measures do not create any unnecessary administrative hurdles for research.”

Considering what just happened over the last three years and what we now know, I’d say the WHO is begging for the next pandemic … and is creating the perfect storm to make it happen!

Last year, we were able to stop the WHO’s plans because a few African nations objected to Biden’s amendments. Those nations made clear that they did not oppose the substance of the changes to the WHO but claimed they wanted all the changes to be consolidated in this new Pandemic Treaty and not in piecemeal fashion.

This means we cannot sit back and hope for the same international players to oppose this. We have to oppose it right here at home and demand our legislators fight back and that this goes through the Senate and fails the necessary 2/3 vote.

STOP the WHO takeover of the U.S.

This week our staff has been meeting with members of Congress and their staff supporting the faxes you can send. We are explaining the dangers of these changes to the WHO documents and answering objections. None of this is possible without your support! We rely 100% on the donations of America-loving people who want to be a part of restoring freedom in our great nation.

We now are fighting for the survival of freedom, not just for America but also for countries around the world. With your help today, we will continue seeking the truth and saving lives. During our Challenge Grant, your gift of 25 dollars will become 50, 100 dollars has the impact of 200, and 500 dollars becomes 1,000, and more

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Life and liberty depend on our actions now.

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

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