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A Chip in Your Hand to Control

Apr 21, 2023

The federal government is plotting a new programmable digital currency that will include complete control over every single aspect of your finances. In addition, the technology is already available to implant or inject an RFID chip into your hand. I’ll share below the chilling number of people who already have such a chip.

“Eventually, this technology will become standardized allowing you to use this [implanted chip] as your passport, public transit, all purchasing opportunities,” said 32M CEO Todd Westby. And our federal government is making sure they set it up so it can control EVERY SINGLE PURCHASE.

In fact, the World Economic Forum (WEF) openly discusses a “Microchip in Humans — Passport for everything.”

There are two bills in Congress now that will prohibit the government from tracking and tracing your every financial move (and from giving the Feds the power to approve or block your spending).

Tell Congress to block Joe Biden’s plan for power by VOTING YES on HR 1122 and S 887 to protect Americans from this digital grab for money and power! — Mat

First launched in Sweeden, companies urged employees to get a chip implanted into their hand to control access to work, computer login and passwords, and purchase payments. The chip can also unlock your home, start your car; access your computer, tablet, and phone; pay for groceries; and even be your ticket to take the train.

But then with the click of a button, this electronic chip can also lock you out of your home, shut off your car, lock your computer and phone, prevent you from traveling, or even block you from paying for food or supplies.

A Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is a Vaccine Passport on financial steroids — and this hand chip injects this level of control directly into your body!

There are about 50,000 people who have this in their hand right now. At last count, 39 states in the U.S. had no protection against a company mandating their workers be implanted with a chip like that which has been deployed in Sweden.

This is very serious. Because digital programmable currency and implanted computer chips give the government the same access — and of course, this digital CBDC and/or chip can be hacked!

We have the opportunity to stop both from slithering into the United States. Tell Congress to VOTE YES on HR 1122 and S 887 to protect Americans from this federal grab for our money!

China is already perfecting its level of total government control. The CCP has a complex social system to control a person’s behavior, even down to the number of times you visit elderly members in your family, donate blood, or give to the poor. It has complete power over its own people using this digital currency combined with a government “social credit” score.

If anyone dares to participate to protest the government, post anything negative about the government on social media, jaywalk, join a “cult,” or even give an “insincere” apology for crimes committed, those people are stripped of the ability to buy a nice car, live in a nice apartment, and travel to the destinations of their choice.

At the lowest level of disobedience to the government, China threatens “Public shaming: exposure either online or on TV screens in public spaces of the names, photos and ID numbers of blacklisted citizens; [and] phone dial tones mandated by authorities that inform people that they are calling a ‘dishonest debtor.’”

China wants to destroy anyone that complains against the CCP … and all of this is enabled by the digital currency that has already been launched. We cannot allow the same federally controlled financial system as in China or any other country!

We don’t have much time. Globalists have been plotting for years, and there is a worldwide movement to launch CBDCs and implantable chips that are tied to digital currency. Americans have the choice — either we can be a shining city on the hill promoting freedom, or we can allow Joe Biden to turn us into China, Version 2.0.

Two bills pending in Congress will provide the safeguards we desperately need.

A computer chip, embedded in your hand, being read 24/7 is not as far away as you might think.

Of the 750 million people in Europe, a survey found that the majority of Europeans would consider implanting this type of chip. In Sweden, 47% said that if the chip were free, they would implant it now. (Currently there is a 200-dollar injection cost).

So, we are a couple hundred dollars away from about half the population of Sweden being willing to implant a digital chip supporting a digital currency.

In Sweden, this chip was designed by a tattoo and piercing artist and developed in an open-source community. The creator’s final pitch was: “I know you’d rather do fun stuff, playing PlayStation, or be out drinking beer in the sun rather than looking for your keys.” Another company even offered corn “chips” and salsa if an employee would come to its implant event.

The question these Europeans are failing to consider is whether this chip puts the world in your palm, or puts you firmly in the grasp of government control? I think the latter.

Right now, Congress is considering two bills to protect our privacy from Joe Biden’s IRS — HR 1122 and S 887. Please take a moment right now to fax Congress to VOTE YES on HR 1122 and S 887 to protect Americans from Biden’s CCP-like FedCoin!

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Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

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