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URGENT: Vote Happens Tomorrow

May 10, 2023

Tomorrow, the U.S. House is planning to vote on a bill addressing the border crisis. Deaths from the drugs flooding America are skyrocketing. Fentanyl is not just killing “druggies” looking for their next score. It is killing babies, toddlers, students, husbands, wives — it’s killing 100,000 people in America a year, and that number is skyrocketing! Some people who are killed by fentanyl are not knowingly taking the drug.

Dealers are targeting high-achieving college students with offers for a “focus” medication for their tests — but instead of ending up with good grades, these young people end up dead. Fentanyl is also being mixed into prescribed medication. Online dealers are lacing ADHD medication and other drugs with fentanyl, then setting up fake pharmacy storefronts online and pushing these drugs across the nation. Kids sometimes share medications that contain prescribed pills, not knowing that the same bottle also contains fentanyl.

Last year, 370 MILLION doses of fentanyl were confiscated by U.S. authorities — that is more than enough to kill everyone in America!

Tomorrow, the U.S. House will vote on a bill to provide the means to dramatically reduce the influx of this deadly drug into our nation.

HR 2 will go a long way to addressing this border crisis. In addition to Congress, we must demand that every state say, “Enough!” Send critical faxes to demand our key leaders take action now! — Mat

Rebecca Kessling is a story of resilience in the pro-life community. Conceived in rape, she became a bold spokeswoman fighting the rape and incest exception to abortion restrictions.

She built a beautiful life and welcomed both natural and adopted children into their home. That was until the COVID government benefits came. The boys, Caleb (age 20) and Kyler (age 18), used that money to get drugs, and on the same day, both overdosed from fentanyl and died.

Both their biological and adopted mothers laid their hands on their caskets and wept. And this is happening time and time again — 100,000 times every year.

In this fight, China is our enemy. U.S. agents just caught China running a huge shipment into Mexico of ingredients needed to make fentanyl. From there, it is mixed into pills and then smuggled across our open border to continue killing innocent people in America.

China is killing Americans without a military offensive. And our government is allowing this human genocide. Act now to stop these smugglers and prevent fentanyl from killing Americans. Send a clear message to Congress to end the border crisis.

Fentanyl is a part of China’s strategy to destroy America … and it is working. Fentanyl is part of the so-called “3 F strategy” — “foment weakness, foment chaos, and foment distraction.”

“It is absolutely an unrestricted warfare against the United States of America,” said Nicole Tsai of the New Federal State of China.

Educate our legislators and governors on the importance of addressing and fixing our border crisis now. Send your fax today.

This is not the first time that China has been involved in this type of drug warfare. Some of my staff were involved in relief and economic regrowth efforts in Burma/Myanmar. That nation is sitting on a rich gold vein. China launched a drug infiltration effort to the villages they needed to decimate.

Then when troops came in, the villagers were either dead or weak as they looked for this next hit.

Now China is launching the same kind of attack against America. And they are using our open southern border to kill Americans and bring down the nation.

Deaths from fentanyl have tripled in America in just the past few years. This should not be a partisan issue. We must all come together as Americans.

Our nation is at risk, and vulnerable. Young people across our states are dying. Urge Congress and key state lawmakers to act now to stop the victimization of children and innocent people.

Liberty Counsel Action has been actively fighting to end the border crisis. There are many disturbing facets, including human trafficking, sexual abuse, infiltration by gangs and terrorists, drugs, and much more!

Your voice is critical. We need your support to stay active and involved on Capitol Hill! Donate today to ensure that we can maximize our efforts to restore our freedom and the future of America!

Victory is won by those who never stop fighting. Will you help with your donation today to bring this battle to the attention of our legislators and governors?

Our Challenge Grant will DOUBLE THE IMPACT of your gift. Your gift of 50 dollars becomes 100 dollars, and so on.

Mat Staver, Chairman

Liberty Counsel Action


FAX members of Congress and state leaders to end the border crisis.

Sign the petition.


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