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Today, the Voting Begins

May 23, 2023

Members of the U.S. House met in opposition to the World Health Organization (WHO) ahead of its meeting and voting today. These 18 members stood on Capitol Hill and railed against the WHO and its damaging agenda.  

Rep. Eric Burlison (R-MO) stated, “The WHO is one of the most corrupt, incompetent, and — after COVID-19 — most thoroughly discredited institutions on the global stage, and yet one of Joe Biden’s first things that he did was to bring the United States back into this corrupt organization.”

But a few voices on Capitol Hill will not be enough to stop this global power grab. We need to wake up the majority of Congress and urge members to stop funding this group and giving all of our rights and freedoms to it.  


Send URGENT FAXES to Congress to demand they stop Biden from handing over American sovereignty to WHO. —Mat

A House Foreign Affairs committee investigated the Chinese Communist Party and came to a startling conclusion. Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) said, “It is beyond doubt that CCP actively engaged in a coverup designed to obfuscate data, hide relevant public health information, and suppress doctors and journalists who attempted to warn the world. They deliberated and repeatedly disregarded the obligations under the 2005 treaty.”  

Rep. Biggs said WHO Director-General Tedros praised “the CCP for their transparency, despite internal documents showing WHO’s frustration with the CCP failure to share critical data and information about the virus.” Both the WHO and its director-general “repeatedly parroted CCP talking points and ignored conflicting information from reputable sources.”

We know that China’s goal is to destroy the United States, and the WHO is helping them accomplish this with our taxpayer dollars. It is time to withdraw from the WHO and to end this lunacy.  

The WHO’s global assembly happening now must meet with very serious pushback and opposition. If America opposes the WHO treaty, this effort will collapse. The House can investigate and defund, and the Senate can demand this be presented for a vote — because this should be considered a treaty that must be ratified.  

HR 79 will pull America out of the WHO and prohibit any federal funds from being spent on the WHO. The U.S. House holds the purse strings and can stop this WHO takeover. Send your urgent faxes to Congress to oppose this WHO takeover.

“Now if Joe Biden gets his way, the WHO will have even more control over the most private parts of our lives,” said Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO). “This is not about public health. The WHO made it very clear. They will censor anyone who does not agree with their agenda to control every aspect of people’s lives. They want total control over vaccinations, digitalization of health record, and your travel. Under this plan, the Biden plan is adopting Marxism by distributing medicine based on equity. The World Health Organization is the lapdog for the Chinese Communist Party.”

“The World Health Organization has no right to tell hard-working Americans what the heck they do,” said Rep. Tim Merchen (R-TN). “Why the heck are we even funding them in the first place?”

Whether your children must get a long list of vaccines to attend school will be determined by the WHO. Imagine the decision to shut down businesses, schools, or places of worship under the authority of an unaccountable One World Government.  

We have limited time to block this global takeover by the WHO and Joe Biden. Push back before it’s too late.

Liberty Counsel Action is involved on many fronts — all at the same time! In addition to fighting the WHO, I want to share a few items with you:

  • Yesterday, I launched a brand-new, full-service K-12 online Christian academy to educate the next generation to understand and lead in the times that we are facing in America and around the world. It is called Covenant Journey Academy.
  • We are educating legislators and encouraging them to stand firm on the debt ceiling during ongoing negotiations.
  • Our staff is in meetings on Capitol Hill supporting policies that will better protect our borders and reduce the deadly flow into our nation of fentanyl and other drugs that have killed hundreds of thousands.
  • Our Ministry Center continues to hold a full schedule of Bible studies and fellowship in the nation’s capital for hundreds of young people working on the Hill.

From the battles we are fighting today, to the next generation, and to impacting eternity, Liberty Counsel Action’s staff is doing everything in our power to restore our nation on your behalf. Join this effort with your support today. We are 100% dependent on the donations of friends to work toward our vision for a better future for America.  

We cannot do this alone. What we do today will determine the future of America, and we have a limited window to act.

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action


Send your faxes urging Congress to stop Joe Biden from placing America under WHO. And sign the petition.

DOUBLE YOUR DONATION today to join this battle against unthinkable, global tyranny.


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