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IMF Meeting On Digital Currency

Sep 9, 2023

This week, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is planning a global programmable platform for Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) that can be used by all nations. It is not enough for tyrants to control your money ... they want to control all the money in the world!

The White House is pushing a CBDC plan that mimics the control the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) holds over its citizens.

We need YOUR HELP to prevent the implementation of this disastrous "FedCoin," a digital currency designed to replace cash and exert government control over every aspect of your financial transactions. I’ll share below how the implications of this so-called "digital currency" are even more alarming than you can imagine.

Take a moment to make your voice heard by contacting Congress NOW, and then continue reading to uncover the shocking details of this plan aimed at controlling every purchase we make. Urge Congress to VOTE YES on HR 1122, HR 3712, and S 887 to protect Americans from the impending threat of Biden's CCP-like FedCoin! — Mat

An international two-day meeting opens this week, and it exposes why this power is so important to these radicals … and what their chilling plans are to create a single, global currency.

Already the Chinese government has launched a CBDC, and most recently, it is targeting the elderly, villagers, and high school students with an offline “Smart ID” card. This enables payments up to a certain limit. It also gives these communists total control over both online and in-person payments!

Now Joe Biden wants to “Make America China.” A CBDC will effectively turn the government into your commercial bank — a bank to replace all banks, if you will. Once the government becomes your bank, it will have the ability to control every purchase you makeProtect YOUR financial privacy! Tell Congress to VOTE YES on HR 1122, HR 3712, and S 887!

A CBDC gives governments the ability to erase the bank accounts of their political enemies, and control where people are allowed to shop and what they are allowed to buy.

A CBDC can even put an “expiration date” on funds, forcing people to spend money or the government simply takes it away. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has already issued its CBDC, called the digital yuan, and uses it as part of its social credit score that regulates people at home and around the world.

Furthermore, when the government is your direct bank, it can withhold home loans, auto financing, and other fiscal instruments, not because of your credit, but because of your political inclinations or your poor social score for not supporting green initiatives and progressive ideals. If you want to buy a gas vehicle rather than an EV, you could be blocked. If you want to buy a handgun, your transaction could be halted.

CBDC allows the government to individually monitor and control your purchases — and even your contributions.

Some members of Congress are alarmed by this shocking attempt to rob Americans of their most basic privacy. Rep. Tom Emmers (R-MN), Rep. Alexander Mooney (R-WV), and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) have filed HR 1122, HR 3712, and S 887, respectively, to stop this federal power grab.

“As the Federal Reserve continues its study of central bank digital currencies, one thing has become clear — CBDCs pose a clear threat to Americans’ financial independence,” said HR 1122 co-sponsor Byron Donalds (FL-80). “Rather than following the lead of oppressive regimes like China and Russia, we should dramatically decrease the federal government’s involvement in personal finances and look to the free market to guide the way regarding innovation. That’s why I’m proud to support Congressman Emmer’s CBDC Anti-Surveillance State Act, which prevents the issuance of a retail CBDC and ensures the Fed stays within its statutory bounds.”

Rep. Warren Davidson said, “A retail CBDC would essentially allow the government to mediate all transactions, which would mirror what we see in China. It’s vital to ensure this does not happen here.”

During the COVID shutdowns, we bore witness, and in some states, have been held hostage by government agencies that sought to dictate where and how we could eat, shop, and worship.

Remember when the City of Los Angeles threatened to cut the power and water if a certain church would not forfeit its First Amendment right to worship? Under a CBDC, the government could simply freeze or erase the church’s bank accounts.

Remember when New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg tried to ban “Big Gulps,” sugary drinks, and large popcorn buckets? Under a CBDC, a person would not be allowed to spend money on such purchases.

The tracking is just as bad as the control. Currently, if the government wants to see how you have been spending your money, a warrant is generally necessary. But if the government IS your bank, your bank ledger is already right in front of them.

The vaccine apps meant to trace, track, and control us didn’t fly with the American people. So now, Joe Biden and his globalist masters are using the FedCoin CBDC to up the ante — by controlling every penny of our finances and, therefore, our lives. This is a serious threat to freedom.

Protect YOUR financial privacy! Tell Congress to VOTE YES on HR 1122, HR 3712, and S 887!

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