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The Information Disease

Sep 21, 2023

by Mat Staver, Chairman

Today, there is a meeting at the World Health Organization (WHO) focused on “governance reform” and “Budgetary, Programmatic and Financing Governance.” This is the WHO’s plan to force America and a handful of other nations to pay for this radical global agenda.

All the submissions by the various nations are password protected. The WHO does not want you to see how much America will pony up!

Alongside epidemics and pandemics, the WHO is adding to its arsenal an “infodemic” in which, the WHO determines, there is “too much information.” Even if the information is true, the WHO wants to limit and control it — just like a disease. Most importantly, the WHO wants to limit and control what information you can see.

Joe Biden and the WHO are desperate to hide the truth. The truth is inconvenient to tyrants who seek power and want control. Even Mark Zuckerberg has now admitted that the “scientific establishment” provided information that turned out to be debatable or false regarding COVID-19 and the shots. Yet Facebook censored the truth and harmed people in doing so.

Below, I’ll share how China has already launched technology that is shockingly “good” at making sure people only hear the government’s narrative. If you don’t want this happening in America and around the world, we need to pull out of the WHO and defund it immediately. Demand Congress pass HR 79, defund the WHO, and do everything in their power to stop Biden from subjecting Americans to the WHO. — Mat

In 2014, China launched “Operation Fox Hunt,” which is a global effort to “repatriate” dissidents, i.e., drag them back to China. Already the operation has detained about 10,000 Chinese nationals who were accused of “corruption.” Yet many of them are political dissidents living abroad who have expressed opposition to the Chinese Communist Party.

“They have just a vast apparatus that they use,” says U.S. Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines. It is not just computers and AI bots anymore. Haines explains that there is a massive network of police stations set up around the globe — even in New York — operating on their own law.

According to Haines, the “Chinese model” is first class, in terms of technology.

China is “very good at censoring effectively information that you get to individuals within China.” It is “building the structure that allows them to control that information,” Haines says. This technology can integrate data about personal activities that “can be collected, and ultimately surveilled and monitored.” With many activities online, including home appliances, virtually unlimited data can be collected about an individual.

With its close ties to China, the WHO will use the “Chinese model” to censor information, and thus control people. In fact, the WHO documents, which Joe Biden supports, believe truth should be treated like a disease.

According to the WHO, a so-called infodemic includes anything (true or false) that “causes confusion and risk-taking behaviours that can harm health. It also leads to mistrust in health authorities and undermines the public health response.”

If the WHO succeeds, truth will not be the standard. The new standard for information will be, “Does it increase the public’s trust in government?” And only such speech will be allowed under this new world order.

Since China is the lead actor in censoring information, the WHO will take its cue from the Communist Party. In fact, a federal court of appeals just rebuked the Biden administration (including the FBI and the CDC) over its censorship of social media. More about that another day ...

We must take the WHO seriously with its “infodemic” plan. If Joe Biden signs the WHO amendments, they will apply to America.

Urge Congress to STOP Biden from giving the WHO power to demand Vaccine Passports, create digital ID, pair them with a government-run digital currency, impose lockdowns, and even control what goes on inside your own body! Send your critical faxes now!

The proposed amendments to the WHO International Health Regulations (IHR) and the Pandemic Treaty will give the WHO global authority to: Leverage digital technology for harmonising reporting capabilities and for uniform certification procedures/mutual trust framework/universal credential verification system (emphasis added).

This power could not be placed in the hands of a more dangerous group than the WHO. STOP THE WHO TAKEOVER OF THE U.S. by sending urgent faxes to demand members of Congress do everything in their power to protect American sovereignty. Tell them to support HR 79.

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