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Now We Know Their Ultimate Plan

Nov 3, 2023

The U.S. House just passed with bipartisan support a bill to block the financing of terror through Hamas. I want to thank everyone who prayed and took action. You had a hand in making this first step happen. However, this is still much work to do to get this bill through the Democrat-controlled Senate and the White House.

Thankfully, 150 Democrats in the House supported this bill. This means that we have a strong chance to get this bill into law — but not if we delay. We need to act right away, and I’ll explain why below. It is urgent to tell Congress Not One Cent to Fund Terrorism. — Mat

Hamas is a terror group that has no respect for life. At first, I wondered, what did Hamas expect to achieve with such a brutal slaughter of innocent people? And then I realized their goal after watching interviews with two Hamas leaders. What I heard was shocking.

Ghazi Hamad is a leader of Hamas who said Hamas will attack Israel as many times as it takes to wipe Israel and all Jews off the face of the world — even if it takes 1 million attacks.

Hamad states in an LBC TV interview, “Israel is a country that has no place on our land. We must remove that country because it constitutes a security, military, and political catastrophe. We are not ashamed to say this with full force. We must teach Israel a lesson, and we will do this again and again. The Al-Aqsa Flood [Oct 7 terrorism] is just the first time, and there will be a second, a third, a fourth, because we have the determination, the resolve, and the capabilities to fight.”

The interview continues: “Will we have to pay a price? Yes, and we are ready to pay it. We are called a nation of martyrs. And we are proud to sacrifice martyrs.” When asked if that means the annihilation of Israel? “Yes. Of course. The existence of Israel is illogical. The existence of Israel is what causes all the pain, blood, and tears … therefore nobody should blame us for the things we do.” He concluded, “On October 7, October 10, October 1 million — everything we do is justified.” And for these monsters, this includes cutting off the hand of little girls watching them writhe in pain and bleed to death.”

It is hard to even imagine the thought process. We cannot negotiate, we cannot barter, we cannot compromise with terrorists.

Joe Biden wants to give Hamas and the Palestinians 100 million dollars! I say not one cent to these butchers!

Another Hamas leader speaking on TRT TV, Khaled Mashal, celebrates the unspeakable horrific acts from October 7 against civilians in Israel. “October 7 paved a wide highway towards the removal of Israel. … Today, the Islamic scholars should issue a fatwa [call to kill], incite the Islamic nation.”

Mashal said the goal of October 7 was the beginning of the annihilation of the Jews from all of Israel. The plan was so brutal Hamas knew Israel would respond. In doing so, Hamas hopes its quest to kill Jews would be joined by all Arab Muslim nations, as well as Russia and China.

This terrorist organization, which is one of the most bloodthirsty, will stop at nothing to “dirty,” torture, and kill Jews. Not one cent should fund terror. Even now, Hamas is using the “humanitarian aid” to further its terror. Urge Congress to take four actions now to stop the funding of terror with your tax dollars.

To illustrate how Hamas uses “humanitarian aid” for terror, consider message intercepted this week. The Indonesian Hospital in Gaza had 600 liters of fuel. Hamas operatives were instructed to extract the fuel at night.  Hamas demanded, “Fill it up for him, we need to start working! … For Allah’s sake, fill it up for them now, people are pressuring us.”

Hamas already has a massive stockpile of fuel. Hamas is hoarding more than 757,000 liters (200,000 gallons) of fuel in storage tanks in Gaza. Hamas doesn’t care that the hospital has no fuel. In fact, they want people to suffer so they will get more “humanitarian aid” to fund their terrorism efforts.

We cannot send more money to the Palestinian Authority, Gaza, and Hamas. Urge Congress to act to stop funding terror with our tax dollars.

Our team works weekends and long hours to inform key leaders in Washington, D.C. This week, our staff is working closely with leaders to shape critical policy for our nation. There is much work to do.

We want to keep you updated on the fast-paced events happening in Washington so that you can make your voice heard on key issues.

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Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action



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