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Terror In The White House...

Nov 9, 2023

Iranian-backed Hezbollah in Lebanon and Syria have joined Hamas in shooting rockets at civilian populations in Israel. The parliament in Algeria voted unanimously to give its President authority to declare war against Israel. Qatar blames Israel for the October 7 slaughter of innocent civilians, and now Russia and China are siding with the Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists.

There is even talk of Russia's Wagner Group sharing advanced technology and sending missiles to these terrorists. Iran's parliament cheered and celebrated the brutal terrorist attack on October 7, which many experts say Iran funded.

Hamas is hoping to turn this into worldwide conflict to eliminate the Jewish people in Israel. Hamas leaders have publicly said they are ready to do October 7 again, and again, and again.

And now Joe Biden wants to send 100 million dollars to fund terrorism via the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Hamas!

We cannot fund terrorism. The U.S. House has passed a bipartisan bill to block the financing of terror through the PA and Hamas. Thankfully, 150 Democrats in the House joined in support of this bill. That means we have a strong chance to get this bill through the Senate — but not if we delay. It is urgent to tell Congress Not One Cent to Fund Terrorism. — Mat

Hamas clearly wants to manipulate not just Israel's enemies, but America's enemies as well. And what does Hamas want to accomplish?

The commonly heard chant of "From the river [Jordan] to the sea [Mediterranean], Palestine will be free" isn't as innocent as it might sound. This chant has long been used by Islamist radicals to mean the total and complete annihilation of the Jews from Israel (and, for that matter, around the world). This chant advocates for the wholesale genocide of generations of Jewish people. Genocide in the most brutal manner — like October 7!

Hamas leaders are pushing to form a new "Axis of Evil" to carry out their plans. Khaled Mashal, one of Hamas’ leaders, already has Iran. Now Hamas is seeking to activate China and Russia to bring America to its knees.

"We have friends in the world. I am also addressing Moscow and Beijing, Russia and China. Their political position is good. Their [veto] in the U.N., their political position. But these are superpowers. They can do more. They should build the determination... Enough, the [American] monopoly. This is an opportunity. Moscow and Beijing are striving for an international balance of power that will abolish [American] unipolarity. Well, this is your opportunity!”

Incredibly, America has funded this terror and Biden wants to increase that funding. The U.S. House needs to do the following:

  • Block the immigration of people from Gaza into America because of the culture-wide indoctrination to commit violence.
  • Investigate the Iranian spy ring within the highest levels of the U.S. government — including the State Department, Department of Defense, and the White House — and deport the spies.
  • Sanction Iran to the fullest extent possible.

And the Senate needs to act on all of that as well as end funding for Hamas terrorism through HR 340, the Hamas International Financing Prevention Act.

America has actually funded terrorism! When Joe Biden took office, he began sending funds to the Palestinian Authority (PA). In 2021, Joe Biden sent 235 million dollars to the PA, which is promoting and paying for terrorism in Israel and in Gaza. In 2022, Biden again sent 316 million dollars for “health care access” to Gaza. And on October 18, 2023, Biden again promised 100 million to Gaza ... Let me tell you what that is buying.

Keep in mind that Gaza is smaller than 1/10 the size of Rhode Island. It is just 140 square miles. Its main industry is exporting terrorism. Photos and audio both confirm that Hamas is taking fuel from hospitals and using it to fund additional terrorism, either directly by funneling it to the families of terrorists or indirectly by building sophisticated underground tunnels along with underground rocket launchers in hospitals, mosques, and even a Boy Scouts facility.

Hamas built 500 kilometers (311 miles) of underground tunnels for military operations with “humanitarian aid” funds. These tunnels are used to protect the Hamas terrorists 60 to 90 feet below ground level.

It is shocking that the top Hamas leaders are billionaires! By comparison to well-known billionaires, ask yourself how these terrorists make money!

Taylor Swift — 1.1 billion

Oprah Winfrey — 2.7 billion

Mousa Abu Marzook (Hamas) — 3 billion

Khaled Mashal (Hamas) — 4 billion

Using American “humanitarian aid,” the PA pays out about 27 million dollars per month to families of terrorists who injured or killed Jews. If a family member commits a terrorist act against Israel and is jailed for three years, the family will be paid 400 dollars per month. If the act is so egregious that the terrorist gets 30 years in prison, the family is paid 3,400 dollars per month! And Hamas diverts “humanitarian aid” for personal bank accounts, purchasing weapons, and building elaborate underground tunnels.

And Joe Biden wants to give them a 100 million dollars MORE. We have got to stop funding terror.

Congress MUST intervene! Fax Congress now and demand they stop funding terror, sanction Iran, and boot out the Iranian spies.

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Mat Staver, Chairman
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