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Hamas Is Here - Now What...

Nov 18, 2023

In a chilling video, a large group of Muslims shut down traffic in Times Square while an Islamic leader shouted, “We’re done hiding. We’re done being tortured and hurt and judged. This [Islam] is the correct religion. This is the religion that all of humanity needs to be upon of Islam. And we will not stop until it enters every home!” Then the crowd joins him as he recites in Arabic Shahada (“There is no God but Allah. Mohammed is his Messenger”).

When Jew-hating Islamists from Gaza entered the homes of Israelis on October 7, they raped women, beheaded children, gouged out the eyes of fathers, and burned people alive.

Not every Muslim is a terrorist. But we must make sure we do not fund the Palestinian Authority (PA), Hamas, Iran, or the United Nations Relief Works Agency (UNRWA), and we must not give asylum to radical Palestinians.

Joe Biden wants to send 100 million dollars to the PA and 9 BILLION dollars to UNRWA – both of which indoctrinate children to love death more than life!

It is urgent to tell Congress: Not One Cent to Fund Terrorism and Do Not Import Terrorism to America. — Mat

There is a shocking level of anti-Jewish hatred growing right here in America. At an off-campus rally, a history professor at Cornell University described watching the brutal Hamas attacks on Israel as "exhilarating" and "energizing."

Cornell’s kosher dining hall, named 104 West, was targeted. “Gonna shoot up 104 west,” one person threatens. Another threatens to torture and kill all “pig” Jews.

At Cooper Union College in New York City, Jewish students had to barricade themselves in a library with Gaza-leaning radicals beating on the doors demanding to get inside and at the Jewish students. And when the police arrived on campus to help, the school reportedly turned them away.

And now Joe Biden wants to send 100 million dollars for “humanitarian aid” to Gaza and the Palestinian Authority. And some are urging the U.S. to provide refugee status to people from Gaza with no vetting process. It is urgent to tell Congress Not One Cent to Fund Terrorism.

One Jewish group was putting up posters with photos of the Israelis taken hostage when a woman ran up and ripped them down. When confronted — she allegedly hurled obscenities and rushed at a young Jew. She tried to punch him in the face, but he defended himself. She had a stick that she used against him and before it was over, he had a broken finger.

These are not isolated incidents. Jewish “students have been spat on for speaking Hebrew,” says Noah Fay, a senior at the Columbia University. “We’ve seen swastikas drawn on school property.”

"We've been getting calls from people who weren't on the complex asking if it's safe for them to come back to their room tonight," says Fay, adding, "We've had people who are too scared to sleep here tonight. So they've gone to other places in Ithaca for their safety."

A Jewish senior student said many students on campus are "pretty scared and pretty uneasy" because of the threats. "The first reaction from all the students on the ground is genuine fear.”

At Harvard, a majority of students 18-24 said that what Hamas did was “justified” against Israel, and two out of three think Hamas and Israel are morally equal.

American universities have been targeted for decades by Hamas, which set up its network on our own soil decades ago. We are seeing the ugly, hateful fruit of their efforts today.

FBI Director Christopher Wray warned: “The actions of Hamas and its allies will serve as an ‘inspiration’ the likes of which we haven't seen since ISIS launched its so-called caliphate several years ago.”

Multiple foreign terrorist organizations are calling on Muslims to attack Americans. Wray warns that this significantly raises the threat of terrorism happening on our soil.

Now there is a push in Congress to bring in waves of Gaza refugees. No vetting. No investigation. No requirements that they condemn terrorism or even be willing to live peacefully with Jews or Christians.

No, these legislators and others around Capitol Hill are urging us to welcome people from the hottest spot of the most brutal terrorism in the world ... no questions asked. We cannot do that and expect peace.

Hamas is an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood. More than 30 years ago, they were very clear in their goals. The Palestine Committee clearly explained its vision in an internal memorandum for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict:

“Palestine is the one for which Muslim Brotherhood prepared armies — made up from the children of Islam in the Arab and Islamic nations to liberate its land from the abomination and the defilement of the children of the Jews and they watered its pure soil with their honorable blood which sprouted into a jihad that is continuing until the Day of Resurrection and provided a zeal without relenting making the slogan of its children ‘it is a Jihad for victory or martyrdom.’”

Children are a tool of Hamas. A report of the United Nations Watch said it “is deeply concerned by Palestinian Authority (PA) and Hamas recruitment and use of Palestinian child soldiers in violation of international law.”

The “PA and Hamas educational programs routinely portray terrorists as role models and incite children to violence. For example, every year Hamas runs summer camps in which it trains children in military tactics and weapons use. Likewise, summer camps run by Fatah and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) teach children to venerate famous Palestinian martyrs... Therefore, it is no surprise that Palestinian children perpetrate violent attacks against Israelis and participate in violent confrontations with the goal of harming Israeli soldiers and civilians.”

Now we know that the top three American cities with the most people with ties to Hamas are Chicago, Dallas, and Washington, D.C. We cannot take this as an idle threat. We need to do everything in our power to oppose these terrorists, to not fund them, to cut off their flow of money, to condemn them, and to not welcome even more of them into America!

We are working on the ground in Washington to make your voice heard. Just yesterday our Liberty Counsel Action team participated in a debate at Yale. We are taking the fight to the heart of where people need to hear the truth, from Capitol Hill to college campuses. We need your help to accomplish this vision.

Thanks for your prayers and support.

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action


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