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17 Meetings To Steal Thanksgiving...

Nov 20, 2023

This Thanksgiving week, the World Health Organization (WHO) will load up their plates with 17 separate meetings pushing its plan for global tyranny through "health care."

A five-day agenda begins today. The WHO is showing disdain for this unique American holiday!

On October 7, 2023, the WHO posted on its website: "Progress was made this week on many of the over-300 proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations 2005 (IHR)."

In fact, the co-chair of the WHO Working Group on Amendments to the IHR (WGIHR), Dr. Abdullah Assiri of Saudi Arabia, said: "We are confident that we will be able to deliver on our mandate by the 77th World Health Assembly. The will is there."

This disturbing agenda to establish a global new world order is not taking a pause for Thanksgiving week. Neither can we. We have a very short window for the United States to stop Joe Biden and the WHO from stealing our reasons for giving thanks to God for our freedom. These changes are far more radical than what was proposed last year.

Joe Biden — and his delegation — are pushing hard to give the WHO global authority. Our only chance is for Congress to do its job. With Speaker Mike Johnson now wielding the gavel, we have a real chance to stop Biden and the WHO. If Congress does not stop Biden, defund the WHO, and pull America out of the WHO, then our freedom — as we celebrate this week — will be destroyed! — Mat

THIS WEEK THE WHO IS MEETING EVERY DAY! It is holding 17 meetings! Here are a few of the WHO's topics this Thanksgiving week:

  • A combined meeting on BOTH the Pandemic Treaty and the 307 amendments. THIS IS HUGE. Tomorrow it will specifically focus on what defines a pandemic and who gets to decide.

  • How to force rich nations to pay for socialized health care for the world (WGIHR informal consultation on Article 44, Annexes 1 and 10).

  • How to mandate involvement using social pressure (draft resolution on Social Participation).

  • Forcing nations to report on and enforce health mandates from the WHO, creating new surveillance tools with an "early warning criteria" and strengthening the "central role" of organizations that HARMED our health like the CDC (INB drafting subgroup meeting on Articles 4, 5, and 6).

  • And a draft resolution on "Strengthening laboratory biosafety and biosecurity" coming from the same group that covered up China’s Wuhan lab leak as the source of COVID.

  • And there are a DOZEN other meetings!

If the WHO remained an advisory agency, then its directives would have no binding authority. However, the Biden-supported amendments will change the WHO from advisory to a legally binding global authority to enforce its will. We must wake up Congress to defend our freedom before it’s too late.

Without hyperbole (reality is more shocking than fiction these days), it is a national emergency to stop the WHO's power grab. The proposed changes to the WHO's governing documents are a clear and present danger to freedom. Some might think that our Constitution will protect our freedom and that this power grab could never happen in America.

Don't be so sure.

Others think that this will have to go through two-thirds of the Senate because it is a treaty. I agree that is logical and how the Constitution works. But there is precedent that Biden is using to bypass the Senate.

George W. Bush unilaterally signed America on to the WHO's International Health Regulations in 2005 under the guise that Congress approved the U.S. as a member of the WHO going back to 1948.

And Barack Obama signed America on to the Paris Agreement, telling the American people it was just an "agreement" and not a "treaty." He said he had the authority because George H.W. Bush had Congress approve a U.N. "climate change" treaty 22 years earlier. Now, the U.N. website clearly refers to the Paris Agreement as a "treaty" that is binding on the nations under international law. The U.S. is specifically listed as one of those nations.

President Trump pulled America out of the Paris Agreement, but on day one, Joe Biden put America back under the thumb of the U.N. treaty.

The new WHO documents will change the WHO from an advisory body to a legally binding authority capable of controlling every aspect of our lives.

These proposed amendments can be adopted by a simple majority of the WHO's 194 member nations. We must not allow Biden to give away American sovereignty and replace it with global tyranny that rests in the unelected, unaccountable WHO.

Your action can turn challenges into victories today and preserve freedom tomorrow. This is a critical time in America. Give now to help fight this tyranny. Your gift will be DOUBLED by our Challenge Grant.

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action



Send your faxes urging Congress to stop Joe Biden from placing America under WHO and stop global Vaccine Passports and this new power grab. Or sign our petition and then share this message to your friends!


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