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Yes, This Can Really Happen...

Nov 30, 2023

Next week the World Health Organization (WHO) is holding three days of meetings on the "Pandemic Treaty." This treaty reeks of the Orwellian word "equity" and includes the so-called "right to health."

Why am I so concerned about the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty and the 307 amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR)? Can the WHO really gain such global authority over the United States?

Sadly, the answer is "YES!" And that is what Joe Biden intends to do unless we stop him! The template has already been laid by the Bushes, Clinton, and Obama. In 1948, the Senate ratified the WHO treaty. In 2005, George W. Bush unilaterally signed America on to the WHO’s revised IHR.

In 1992, under George H.W. Bush, the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change was ratified by the Senate. In 1997, Bill Clinton unilaterally signed America on to the Kyoto Protocol to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. Then in 2016, Obama unilaterally signed America on to the Paris (Climate) Accord.

A bill in Congress would force the WHO treaty or instrument to go through the U.S. Senate for a 2/3 vote.

This bill states that "any convention, agreement, or other international instrument on pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response reached by the World Health Assembly ... is deemed to be a treaty that ... requires the advice and consent of the Senate, with two-thirds of Senators concurring."

We have a window to stop the 307 amendments and the Pandemic Treaty. HR 79 can defund and exit the WHO. The House must end federal funding. And the Senate must insist on a vote with HR 1425. — Mat

The WHO is setting up to push Marxism worldwide.

The WHO states, "Equity shall be at the centre of pandemic prevention, preparedness, response and recovery, both at the national level within States and at the international level between States."

There will be nowhere to run or hide from this new brand of socialism.

America would be forced to pay for the failing socialized medical care that others are fleeing from around the globe! The WHO document states: "All Parties shall fully implement the WHO CA+ [Pandemic Treaty], recognizing their different levels of development" and "Parties that hold more capacities and resources relevant to pandemics should bear a commensurate degree of differentiated responsibility."

The WHO plans to implement "equity" by getting data on "relevant population subcategories." The WHO claims this is to "ensure the protection of ... in particular persons in vulnerable situations, those living in fragile environments ... and those who face multiple threats simultaneously, by gathering and analysing data, including data disaggregated by gender, age, geography, socioeconomic status and other ... subcategories."

The WHO also claims this "equity" is "to show the impact of policies on different groups," however, Marxists use it to pit one group against another and to punish the individuals, groups, and/or nations that have made their own wise health care decisions and force them to subsidize failing health care in socialist countries.

The WHO states it has "established a process and systematic approach ... that the instrument should be legally binding" (emphasis added).

We already have a shocking debt of more than 33 TRILLION dollars!

Even before the upcoming vote at the World Health Assembly in 2024, the WHO is establishing itself as "the directing and coordinating authority on international health work, and the leader of multilateral cooperation in global health governance." National governmental authorities will have to bow to the WHO as the "directing authority" and "leader."

The WHO states in this proposed legally binding treaty that each nation "shall uphold the purposes and objectives of the WHO CA+ and carry out their obligations...."

How does the WHO set its policies and mandates?

The last time the World Health Assembly voted about amendments in 2022, it "passed" many of them out of committee. This happened in a room that was about 75% empty, with the committee president announcing that they were going to approve the amendments. This whole process took less than 30 seconds and without a secondary voice of approval.

We are so close to seeing this tyrannical, one world government formed right under our nose. But right now, we still have the opportunity to stop it!

Joe Biden has every intention to unilaterally sign America on to the 307 amendments to the WHO's International Health Regulations. This will give the WHO legally binding global authority.

Now is the time to stop the WHO. Send your faxes now to members of Congress urging them to stop the WHO from taking control of America.

What is happening in Geneva has none of the safeguards a legitimate government has.

And the director-general of the WHO is the former head of a Marxist organization listed as a terrorist group by our own State Department! It is suicide to hand this authority over to him!

We have to stop Biden and the WHO! Our best chance is to stop the funding.

Our team is working with members of Congress to counter these threats, but we need your help. When you give today, you help educate legislators and patriots alike on this serious threat to our freedom. You make this vital work possible. Donate today to help stop this radical globalization.

At this time of the year, you can DOUBLE THE IMPACT of your gift.


Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action



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