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New Intelligence Shocks The World

Feb 1, 2024

We were all shocked and utterly horrified by the news from Israel on Oct. 7, 2023. Hamas terrorists slaughtered more than 1,200 people with unimaginable cruelty.

The gruesome carnage stunned and appalled the world.

But not everyone was appalled.

In Gaza, teachers employed by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) celebrated the massacre. Teachers whose salaries were paid with YOUR tax dollars used their platform to foment hate against Jews and Israel! At least 10% of all UNRWA employees are connected to Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad!

Demand Congress eliminate ALL U.S. taxpayer aid to UNRWA — a 1.6 billion-dollar U.N. agency that teaches Palestinians to hate, kill, and commit horrible acts of violence against Jews. — Mat

These appalling revelations about UNRWA are just the tip of the iceberg.

A notoriously pro-Palestinian U.N. Agency, UNRWA instills hate for Israel in the hearts and minds of the nearly 550,000 students it teaches in 706 schools across Gaza, Judea and Samaria, Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan.

UNRWA textbooks glorify jihad, call for Israel’s destruction, and encourage students to die as “martyrs” fighting Israel. Consider these examples reported by Impact-SE, which monitors Palestinian textbooks:

  • A textbook for sixth grade students declares, “The Zionists are the terrorists of the modern age, and they are fated to disappear.” Palestinians, however, are “the owners of the land” — with “land” referring to all of present-day Israel.

  • A 10-page reading comprehension text glorifies a terrorist who helped massacre 38 people in a 1978 Israeli bus hijacking. The piece praises her as “immortal” in Palestinian “hearts and minds.”

  • UNRWA textbooks also tell students that those who die while fighting Jews and Christians will go to paradise; that jihad for the “liberation of Palestine” is a “private obligation” for every Muslim; and that martyrdom fighting Israel is “the most noble” kind of self-sacrifice.

The U.S. House is in the thick of budget negotiations right now. We cannot expect peace if we pay to indoctrinate in terrorism. Urge Congress to STOP FUNDING THE PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY (PA) AND UNRWA TERRORIST TRAINING SCHOOLS!

It’s not just the textbooks. The teachers take it much further. These Israel-hating UNRWA teachers praised the invading terrorists as “heroes.” They posted photos of dead or kidnapped Israelis and called on Hamas to murder the hostages.

One UNRWA teacher shared an image of a suicide vest wired with explosives, with the caption, “Wait, sons of Judaism.”

“May Allah grant them [terrorists] victory,” prayed another teacher.

But UNRWA staff didn’t just rejoice at news of the massacre ... some also joined in and participated in the slaughter.

That scandalous news — which broke in late January — prompted the Biden administration to temporarily pause further funding for UNRWA.

But temporarily delaying funding is not enough. This pause must be made permanent.

UNRWA-taught students are lapping up this jihad indoctrination. Some kids who received the UNRWA teaching recently said:

  • “[UNRWA instructors] teach us that the Zionists are our enemy and we must fight them.”

  • “We have to constantly stab them, drive over them and shoot them.”

  • “Right now, I am prepared to be a suicide bomber.”

  • “Stabbing and running over the Jews brings dignity to the Palestinians.”

Thanks to Joe Biden, the U.S. is UNRWA’s largest donor. And that means we as taxpayers, are helping to induct Palestinians into the cause of jihad. Donald Trump ended UNRWA funding, but Joe Biden restarted it in 2021.

Israeli intelligence reports that UNRWA staffers — paid in part by your tax dollars — helped massacre Jews on Oct. 7! The U.S. State Department has found this intelligence “highly credible.”

But the Biden State Department claims that UNRWA services “remain a lifeline to millions of vulnerable Palestinians.” And even as Biden paused funding to UNRWA, one of his staff members in the State Department sang UNRWA’s praises, saying it “plays a critical role in providing lifesaving assistance to Palestinians, including essential food, medicine [and] shelter.”

What a farce! Little to no “aid” winds up in the hands of needy people in Gaza. Hamas uses these funds to fuel its terror war on Israel. Second, UNRWA grooms young Palestinians into jihadis — and has been doing so for decades to raise up the next level of terrorists on your dime!

Impact-SE disclosed that at least 100 Hamas terrorists graduated from UNRWA schools in Gaza. I’m sure there are many more. It’s an utter scandal. And it’s all made possible in large part by YOU, the American taxpayer.

Our nation has given 7 billion dollars to UNRWA since its founding in 1949. And nearly 1 billion of that has come during the three years of the Biden administration. This year alone, Biden is giving this bloated, Israel-hating bureaucracy another 369 million dollars.

It’s time to permanently STOP funding UNRWA! Join me now in calling on Congress to CUT all aid to UNRWA!

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Mat Staver, Chairman
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