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The U.S. leaked this information to UNRWA?

Feb 1, 2024

A new intelligence briefing from Israel to the U.S. exposed shocking findings that many employees of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) participated with Hamas to slaughter 1,200 people on Oct. 7.

A full 10% of these U.N. employees are tied to terrorist organizations — and that’s just the start. The Wall Steet Journal reported the following:

“Intelligence estimates shared with the U.S. conclude that around 1,200 of UNRWA’s roughly 12,000 employees in Gaza have links to Hamas or Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and about half have close relatives who belong to the Islamist militant groups. Both groups have been designated as terrorist organizations by the U.S. and others. Hamas has run Gaza since a 2007 coup.” (emphasis added)

When the U.S. learned this, what did it do?

It apparently leaked this information directly to UNRWA so it could get ahead of the negative press. We aided the terrorists and hamstrung our allies!

The public backlash caused the Biden administration to “temporarily” withhold funding. But this information about UNRWA’s association with terrorism is not new. What is new is how many participated in Oct. 7.

Joe Biden wants to give 100 million dollars to the Palestinian Authority (PA) and BILLIONS to UNRWA. We must STOP FUNDING TERRORISM! Urge Congress to take four steps to stop funding terrorism. — Mat

Hamas is causing chaos and death. And we are supporting this carnage.

UNRWA works hand in hand with Hamas — and even Hamas says so.

“Hamas’ relationship with UNRWA is good, very good,” Hamas leader Ismail Radwan said on camera several years ago.

Radwan added: “We assist UNRWA and Hamas cooperates with UNRWA on many levels, “a direct connection exists between UNRWA and Hamas.”

“Hamas has their hands on UNRWA administration workers, and it manages UNRWA,” a resident in Gaza told the Israel Defense Forces.

“All the workers of UNRWA in the Gaza Strip—something like 13,000—all of them are approved by Hamas,” said a senior researcher at Tel Aviv’s Institute for National Security Studies.

For these reasons, we need to do everything in our power to:

  1. Stop funding the Palestinian Authority, Gaza, and the United Nations Relief and Works Agency until they: (1) Condemn terrorism; (2) Stop payments and benefits to the families of terrorists; (3) Stop indoctrinating children to commit acts of terror; and (4) Stop glorifying “martyrdom.”

  2. Block the immigration of people from Gaza into America because of the culture-wide indoctrination to commit violence.

  3. Investigate the Iranian spy ring within the highest levels of the U.S. government — including the State Department, Department of Defense, and the White House — and deport the spies.

  4. Sanction Iran to prevent the development of a nuclear weapon.

Congress MUST STOP (not just temporarily “pause”) funding the PA, UNRWA, Iran, and anyone with ties to terrorism. It’s time to permanently STOP funding terrorism! Join me now in calling on Congress to CUT all aid to UNRWA and other terror groups.

“The report said 23% of UNRWA’s male employees had ties to Hamas.” This is a much higher percentage than “the average of 15% for adult males in Gaza.” This indicates a HIGHER rate of radicalization WITHIN this U.N. agency than even the average radicalized population in Gaza!

One example provided is “an UNRWA Arabic teacher who the reports said was also a Hamas militant commander … took part in a terrorist attack on Kibbutz Be’eri, where 97 people were killed and about 26 people were kidnapped and taken as hostages to Gaza.”

An UNRWA social worker was caught “absconding with the body of a dead Israeli soldier, which was taken to Gaza.” And “[h]e also coordinated trucks and munitions distributions for Hamas before being killed.”

“UNRWA has admitted to finding Hamas weapons stored in schools and Israel has repeatedly said Hamas tunnels run under and through UNRWA buildings.”

In fact: “Nearly half of all UNRWA employees—an estimated 49%—also had close relatives who also had official ties to the militant groups, especially Hamas,” according to this Israeli intelligence report.

Sadly, our nation has given 7 BILLION dollars to UNRWA since its founding in 1949. And nearly 1 billion of that has come during the three years of the Biden administration. This year alone, Biden is giving UNRWA another 369 million dollars.

Since Oct. 7, alone, “Hamas has stolen more than $1 million worth of UNRWA supplies, including fuel and trucks,” and the report indicates that Hamas operatives are “deeply enmeshed within the UNRWA aid-delivery enterprise as to coordinate transfers” from UNRWA to Hamas.

We cannot expect peace when we are paying to train terrorists. Urge Congress to STOP FUNDING THE PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY AND UNRWA TERRORIST TRAINING SCHOOLS!

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action


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