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We MUST Stop The Invasion At The Border

Feb 5, 2024

"We have a catastrophe at our southern border," U.S. House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) said in his first speech on the serious problems at our border. He pointed out the following:

  • Waves of illegals have entered our nation. Just since Johnson took the Speaker position, nearly 1 million have entered illegally. Meanwhile, the border wall materials already purchased go unused.

  • American schoolchildren are being forced into virtual schooling so that their school can be used to house illegals.

  • Veterans were booted out of a nursing home to house illegal aliens.

  • Fentanyl is pouring over our borders at a rampant, deadly rate.

  • Women and children are being exploited by cartels.

  • And the list continues ...

Speaker Johnson pointed out the “solution” coming out of the Senate will allow up to 1.8 MILLION people to enter through our borders before taking what he calls “remedial measures” to decrease the flow of illegal aliens. It took the Senate a week to walk this bill across the building to the House, and it triples the money for Ukraine (60 billion) compared to what it provides for U.S. borders (20 billion).

This is not a solution! One senior official described it this way: “What we are being asked to do right now is to administer an open fire hydrant ... We don’t need buckets; we need to turn off the flow!”

Right now, there are bills in Congress, including HR 2 and many others, that provide a real solution and can turn off this flow. Demand that Congress says “Enough!” and stops this national emergency! — Mat

A letter from law enforcement warns: “We may very well suffer a preventable terrorist attack here on the homeland if we don’t immediately secure our border and remove these dangerous terrorists from within our borders.”

The threat to our nation is like nothing we have ever seen. Three hundred known terrorists on our watchlist have been apprehended crossing into America. But how many more terrorists entered, unknown to us, and got away? Estimates indicate at least 1.8 million “gotaways” who are a “great concern,” according to FBI Director Christopher Wray.

But that is not all. Right now, we are experiencing what is being described by intelligence officials as a “soft invasion.” People are coming in from hostile countries like Iran, Syria, Russia, and China. These are 60-70% single, adult, military-age males, many from terrorist hotspots.

In addition, the U.S. has an un-detained docket with the names of 617,000 known criminals. Each one is here illegally and is free to victimize Americans. This is more than half a MILLION criminals who should not be here looking for opportunities to commit more crimes!

“This presents a clear and present danger to our nation security, and it demands that it be addressed.” Speaker Johnson said. What is happening at our southern border is insane!

Instead of fixing the problem, we are feeding it, and it is killing us.

The number one cause of death for Americans aged 18-46 is fentanyl poisoning — 95% of all drug overdoses are caused by fentanyl.

Fentanyl is killing babies, toddlers, students, husbands, wives — it’s killing 107,000 people in America a year, and that number is still skyrocketing! Some people who are killed by fentanyl are not knowingly taking the drug.

Dealers are targeting high-achieving college students with offers for a “focus” medication for their tests — but instead of ending up with good grades, they end up dead. Fentanyl is also being mixed into prescribed medication. Online dealers are lacing ADHD medication and other drugs with fentanyl, then setting up fake pharmacy storefronts online. Kids sometimes share medications that contain prescribed pills, not knowing that the same pill also contains fentanyl.

The U.S. has confiscated 370 MILLION doses of fentanyl in one year alone. That is more than enough to kill everyone in America! And this drug is POURING across our borders.

These drug dealers (mostly Chinese based) are killing Americans without a military offensive. And our government is allowing this human genocide.

People desperate to flee their countries are lured by human traffickers who promise they will find streets of gold in America. What Biden has set up is tempting families to send unaccompanied children in the hands of cartels.

After joining the caravan, the thugs rape the women and girls. They even designate rape trees and hang their victims’ panties from the trees for all to see. Those who object are hung on trees as a warning for others to submit.

These children are so young that some of them don’t even know their full names. Border patrol agents slap a sticker on these kids, and hand them over to nongovernmental organizations, which are funded by taxpayers. At least 80,000 kids have gone missing. Their whereabouts — unknown. How many of them are sucked into human trafficking?

Cartels are making around 3.5 million dollars per day bringing people across the border. Children are facing horrific abuse.

How can we allow this abuse to continue? We must stop it.

There are a number of bills we need to pass that will do the following:

  • Stiffer penalties for trying to evade arrest.

  • Those convicted of drunk driving will become deportable and inadmissible.

  • Social Security identity theft faces greater punishment.

  • Those with ties to the violent terrorist organizations of Hamas and the Palestinian Liberation Army will not be admissible into America.

Tell Congress to fix our border crisis now. Send your faxes today.

Your voice is critical. We need your support to stay active and involved on Capitol Hill! Donate today to ensure that we can maximize our efforts to restore our freedom and the future of America!

Victory is won by those who never stop fighting.

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action



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