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The Latest Shocking Demand Of The WHO

Feb 8, 2024

As shocking as it is, the World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus wants to legalize prostitution worldwide, even when the prostitutes have HIV.

Now Tedros is demanding that every WHO member nation legalize prostitution and eliminate penalties for people who knowingly and willfully infect others with HIV/AIDS.

If that’s not bad enough, then he wants nations to pass laws to forbid “conservatives” from speaking out against this insanity.

If Joe Biden signs on to the WHO’s new Pandemic Treaty and revised International Health Regulations (IHR) this May, Tedros’ deleterious demands will supersede all U.S. law and will be enforced by United Nations world courts. Urge Congress to stop this perversion from being forced to happen all around the world! Read on. — Mat

The sick and twisted ideas coming out of the WHO are unbelievable. The WHO Director-General Tedros made a pronouncement so breathtaking, one can only compare it to the biblical times of Ahab and Jezebel.

In a just-released bulletin entitled “Advancing the ‘sexual’ in sexual and reproductive health and rights: a global health, gender equality and human rights imperative,” Tedros declares, “Upholding sexual health is a moral obligation.”

Lest one think Tedros is discussing in his bulletin a healthy relationship between a man and wife protecting “safe” and “pleasurable sexual relationships,” the Director-General further clarifies his demands. “Countries must repeal laws that criminalize homosexuality, sex work and HIV transmission.”

Has Tedros gone mad? I think so! But his madness will have legally binding global authority if Joe Biden’s plan to sign America on to the WHO documents is not stopped.

According to Tedros’ bulletin, “sexual pleasure” is a “right” that is part of the “universal values that cut across religious, partisan and cultural divides.” But this idea stems back to the temple prostitutes of ancient days.

I don’t know what kooky religions Tedros has been studying, but our Creator and the history written in the Holy Bible are pretty clear as to what happens to a society that lives only for the pleasure of the flesh.

Tedros never explains how exactly prostitution and the intentional infection of a deadly disease with no cure is “safe.” He just wants these perversions legalized by every WHO member nation.

And because Tedros is apparently hyperfocused on sex with no consequences, the bulletin uses the euphemism “sexual health” to legalize all abortions using the excuse of “environmental sustainability.”

His plan involves “Slowing unsustainable population growth by investing in family planning and education reduces pressures on natural resources,” according to the bulletin.

In Tedros’ mind, “planning” to kill the children who arise as a result of uninhibited sexual licentiousness is simply good environmental practice.

Tedros is beginning to sound an awful lot like Ahab’s wife, Jezebel, the high priestess of a sex cult that required babies be tossed into the fire to appease her unholy “god.”

And much like Jezebel in her quest to silence Elijah and Elisha, Tedros wants WHO member nations to censor anyone who cries out against his sex-cult, baby-killing madness.

“We’re seeing WHO and other world bodies — the U.N., Organization of American States, World Economic Forum — increasingly aligned with the anti-Christ position,” says Travis Weber, vice president for policy and government affairs at Family Research Council. The policies the globalists are advancing are “antithetical to the Word of God. They are opposed to what Jesus says.”

All of history tells us what happens when cultures embrace self-pleasure above all other things, including terminating the lives of innocents. It is a literal road to destruction. No civilization in the history of the world has managed to survive a sexual revolution where perversion is not only allowed but glorified.

But the United Nations and its associated globalist agencies like the WHO want to force these destructions upon you, me, and the entire world ... which should give you a good clue about which “god” they serve.

Joe Biden is planning to sign on to Tedros’ WHO Pandemic Treaty and revised IHR in May, just a few short months away. He intends to sign this treaty without receiving the constitutionally required 2/3 Senate approval.

The ONLY way we can stop Biden is if Congress passes legislation before the treaty signing, declaring that the people of the United States and its Congress will not be party to Biden and Tedros’ world ruination/domination plans.

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Mat Staver, Chairman

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