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This Creates a Haven for Sleeper Cells...

Feb 12, 2024

The police tried to arrest a man for allegedly stealing high-end handbags from a Times Square store. The illegal thug jumped the officer and began beating him in broad daylight. When a second officer tried to help, other illegals joined the fight and began kicking one of the officers on his knees and the other on his back. The melee was caught on video, including repeated kicks to the downed officer’s head.

Four of the illegals were arrested. But infamous District Attorney Alvin Bragg (the one going after Trump) did not ask for bail and let them go. As they walked out of the courtroom, these criminals gave the middle finger. Then, they got travel vouchers issued by the city and were free to leave. After national media attention, the city is trying to scramble to find these men to prosecute them ... but it is likely too late. These men could be halfway across America by now.

We have no idea how many more crimes these illegals will commit.

This is outrageous. These hoodlums should be in jail and quickly deported. But New York’s brilliant solution is to send men like this to your backyard, on your dime (with tax dollars given by grants). Then these law breakers will be your problem. New York declared itself a sanctuary city. Now it is giving free vouchers to illegals to leave the city and come to your town. 

We are sending a clear message to illegals that if they break the law, there are zero consequences. This problem is mushrooming all over the United States into one of the most serious threats to peace and safety.

Last week, the Senate’s bad bill failed; now it is time to push forward the good solutions in the House included in HR 2.

HR 2 will help end this border crisis. In addition, each state needs to cry “Enough!” Send critical faxes to demand that these key leaders take action now! — Mat

What is happening at our border is more than a crisis — it is a clear and present danger. Joe Biden has created the perfect storm for our enemies to mount a deadly attack on U.S. soil by bringing terrorists and supplies up through our border. And as these police officers know, the attacks have already begun.

To give you an idea of the scope of these problems, Pastor Paula White summarizes:

“During the Biden presidency — over 10 million people have entered illegally — the highest ever in history, including 1.7 million 'gotaways.' In 2023, Border Patrol encountered nearly 500 people on the terror watch list and fentanyl related deaths rose 870% due to illegal border activity making it cheaper, deadlier, and easier to obtain.”

America is at risk from those who hate us, and we are welcoming them into our backyard in staggering numbers.

A nonprofit set up a shelter in Tijuana, Mexico, only two blocks from our border wall, a shelter only for Muslims who have “unknown and unchecked backgrounds who all plan to cross into America one way or another.”

The Biden administration refuses to investigate this shelter. We might as well build a highway across our southern border and let anyone enter without any documents. This is insane and very dangerous.

This crisis will escalate if we do nothing.

Urge Congress to pass HR 2. The border crisis concerns everyone. Every day we do nothing, people are killed by fentanyl, women and children are raped, and terrorists and gang members pour into America and commit crimes. People are dying and many more will unless we end this crisis.

We need to have strong borders and increased security to be able to catch these terrorists and smugglers.

Some estimates claim that illegal immigration costs taxpayers 182 billion dollars EVERY YEAR. And if illegal immigration climbs, so will that cost.

New York City’s mayor confirmed that each illegal immigrant recipient receives about 350 dollars every month to spend on food and baby supplies. This is MORE than what Americans on SNAP welfare receive (291). It is higher by 20% every single day!

In addition, vouchers are available to travel anywhere illegals want to go.

We are rolling out the welcome mat, putting them on buses, paying for their meals, and providing legal immunity when they commit crimes. With this in place, what kind of people do you think our nation will attract? It will be those who want the government to care for them.

The terrorist group Hezbollah could soon strike Americans. Defense experts agree the terror group has the ability to attack at home or abroad.

“Hezbollah is a very real threat to us here in the United States,” former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Middle East Policy Simone Ledeen told CBN News.

“They have sleeper cells here in the U.S. in many cities across the country,” Ledeen said. “This has been documented in multiple court cases. … They have been sitting in wait for the order to go, many believe, for years now.”

We need to have strong borders and increased security to be able to catch these terrorists and smugglers.

We must stop this immediately! We are welcoming lawlessness, violent murderers, drug lords, gang members, and terrorists, and financially rewarding them. WE MUST SECURE OUR BORDERS.

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Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action



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