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Significant Movement in the Senate

May 6, 2024

Last week one of our team members spoke before the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). We vocalized opposition to the diabolical history of the leadership within the WHO at the highest Director-General level. The WHO claims it is committed to health and “peace,” yet the sordid history of its leadership tells a different story.

The “Roadmap for Global Health and Peace Initiative” is one of the recent topics of HHS. We are in the final countdown to the global meeting that has the potential to threaten our God-given freedom and bring any nation or state to its knees.

We are gaining momentum. Every Republican U.S. Senator signed on to a letter last week opposing the WHO Pandemic Treaty and the amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR).

The WHO’s Director-General himself will be leading the charge to seize control of the world. Demand that Congress STOP this rush to put America under the U.N.’s one-world governance! — Mat

Last week every Republican Senator declared that “the most recently available version of the pandemic response treaty is dead on arrival.” The signatories declared, “Instead of addressing the WHO’s well-documented shortcomings,” this would have the effect of “supercharging the WHO” at the expense of freedom of speech and property rights.

The Senators also served notice that a second treaty, involving radically transformative amendments to the existing International Health Regulations, is “not in order.”

Speaking of the WHO’s shortcomings, the BBC reported that the director-general of the WHO became a member of the TPLF.

For more than 30 years, the TPLF was a powerful communist, ethnic-nationalist African party in Ethiopia. In 2010, the head of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (aka “Tewodros”), was listed as the TPLF’s third most powerful executive board member in a merger with another group.

The TPLF is listed in the Global Terrorism Database where it is blamed for violent events, including kidnapping and murder of at least 318 people.

Under Tedros, foreign aid was withheld from starving Ethiopians and even emergency medical care was denied to children who were associated with the Amhara, an opposing political party.

The Human Rights Watch interviewed over 200 people and its U.K. director “uncovered evidence that multi-billion-dollar programmes funded by the World Bank and others have been politicised and manipulated by the Ethiopian government and are used as a powerful tool of political control and repression.”


While Tedros was third in command, government officials distributed and withheld “the benefits of donor-funded programmes — such as fertilisers, agricultural seeds, food, microcredit, and job and training opportunities — on the basis of party affiliation.”

“In 2005-08, aid to Ethiopia more than doubled — from $1.9 billion to $3.4 billion.” Yet the country's domestic politics became “less democratic and more repressive” in which multibillion-dollar programs “funded by the World Bank and others have been politicized and manipulated by the Ethiopian government” and were “used as a powerful tool of political control and repression,” wrote the U.K. director of Human Rights Watch.

THIS is the same Tedros that Joe Biden and the G20 want to put in charge of “peace” and “health care” for the world!

The momentum is building, but time is running short.

The WHO will not limit its reach to war-torn communities desperate for care. Like the Jame Bond movie The World Is Not Enough, the WHO wants global domination under the guise of “public health.”

Health care is the ploy the WHO used to herd the nations into the sheep pen. The WHO and its leadership cannot be trusted.

Congress must stop Joe Biden from giving the WHO global authority. Our sovereignty is not negotiable.

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Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action


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