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The WHO and Biden Have This in Common

May 7, 2024

We are at risk of losing our freedom in a race for globalist control. There is little doubt that the Chinese Communist Party is manipulating the World Health Organization (WHO) to do its bidding. We are not just staring in the face of a corrupt United Nations agency, but one that is influenced by a communist thug intent on our destruction.

China’s friend and “business partner” connections in the White House are rushing to provide China everything it needs to exert control through the WHO by unilaterally assigning our sovereignty to a one world order.

I’ll explain how the head of the WHO is ideologically aligned with the CCP to do its bidding on an international scale.

Taiwan was the first to blow the whistle on COVID-19. But then the WHO immediately tried to discredit Taiwan and parrot the CCP’s talking points that COVID was “not transmissible between humans.”

China and the WHO share blame for the pandemic, yet Joe Biden wants to reward BOTH with unfettered authority over information! If the world had listened to Taiwan, our response would have been weeks ahead. It’s possible that we could have completely averted the pandemic, but that would have averted the fear these globalists needed for control.

What is happening inside the WHO is sinister enough, but the WHO’s alliance with the CCP makes things much worse! We have just three weeks to stop the WHO. Even if you have faxed before, now is the time to fax again and demand action and support for HR 79, HR 1425, and S 444.  — Mat

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken released a statement to “strongly encourage” the WHO to allow Taiwan to attend the World Health Assembly (WHA) later this month.

China went ballistic.

China has responded eight times opposing Taiwan showing up at the WHA. Speaking of our support for Taiwan, the CCP foreign ministry "strongly deplores and firmly opposes” the U.S. efforts that “seriously violate the one-China principle and the three China-US joint communiques.”

The WHO has excluded Taiwan at China’s bidding over the “strong” recommendations of the U.S. That tells you where the WHO’s loyalties lie.

In 2019, the WHO received credible and accurate information from Taiwan that China was having a “pneumonia-like” outbreak. However, because of the WHO’s alliance with China, the WHO ignored Taiwan. In fact, the WHO even helped China cover up the origin of COVID-19, claiming in January 2020 there was “no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission” in China — when the WHO knew this was a lie!

China pressured the WHO to promote the false report that it was “very unlikely” COVID escaped from the Wuhan lab. The WHO was silent on known gain-of-function testing and the strong connections between the Wuhan lab and the Communist Chinese military. The WHO, in partnership with Dr. Anthony Fauci, led the fake news that COVID was “from nature.”

Taiwan, a tiny country in the shadow of China, should have been given an award for warning the world about what was coming.

This ruse is not about health. If it was, Taiwan should be applauded.

But Taiwan was banned from even attending the World Health Assembly last year, and it’s not looking good this year either!

Despite the fact that the WHO is clearly under the influence of China, Joe Biden now wants America under the jurisdiction of the WHO.

Remember that WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus hails from Ethiopia. Under his bloody Marxist/communist “leadership,” Ethiopia borrowed 13.6 billion dollars from China. Tedros announced his candidacy for the WHO in May 2016. With the heavy hand of China’s support, Tedros overpowered the U.S. pick for leadership. After he left Ethiopia and decades of bloodshed, his nation was freed from his party’s death grip.

Tedros’ party was not the only one beholden to China. Hunter Biden and the Biden family are personally indebted to China. I would not trust Biden, or Tedros, or China to manage my health! You shouldn’t either!

We have limited time to stop Biden and the WHO. We must not allow Biden to give away American sovereignty and replace it with global tyranny that rests in the unelected, unaccountable WHO.

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Let it not be on our watch that freedom is erased.

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action


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