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BREAKING: Unlikely allies against the WHO

May 8, 2024

An unlikely ally recently delivered an open letter representing 161 NGOs to the World Health Organization (WHO). The Feminists for a People’s Vaccine is a far-left campaign speaking for many groups to raise “grave concerns” about the Pandemic Treaty process being “marred by severe flaws and chaos.”

This coalition called the current version a “deeply unbalanced legal instrument.” They object to the heavy-handed, top-down process.

Member states were not permitted to modify the language of the Pandemic Treaty/Agreement. “The draft text shifted, with entirely new versions issued by the Bureau almost every session, based on unilateral decisions by the Bureau and WHO Secretariat dictating what remains and what is removed from the text.” Nations held almost zero power; each had to submit its ideas and then hope they get incorporated. This led to a “unbalanced, highly inequitable text, unilaterally determined by the Bureau and Secretariat.”

If we think it is bad now, this is BEFORE giving the WHO unfettered power and authority! Momentum is building to stop the WHO.

These liberal groups raise the same concerns about the WHO’s heavy hand to push its agenda. Make no mistake — these NGOs do not agree with us about the WHO, but they do agree the WHO is acting like a tyrant, and they want to stop the WHO vote later this month!

The good news is that we are gaining momentum at home and abroad. Members of Congress must hear from you now to pass HR 1425 and S 444 — demanding that any WHO agreement must receive 2/3 vote of the U.S. Senate! Fax Congress NOW! — Mat

These groups complain that the approach the WHO has “adopted is egregiously unfair.” They have a “mere 5 days” for 194 nations to “negotiate and reach consensus, on a completely new draft text spanning 20 pages.”

“Since the publication of the Zero Draft, Member-States-led text-based negotiations have systematically been avoided.”

The 161 NGOs say “the Bureau made it clear that no new textual insertions or deletions would be permitted to the Bureau’s text. Instead, to change the proposed text, Members would have to express their concern with the Bureau’s text and then the WHO Secretariat or Bureau will propose how the concern could be addressed through minor changes in the text. If such proposed change is acceptable to all...”

Where the alliance ends ...

These liberal NGOs are demanding solutions that are completely opposed to the freedom and rights we are working desperately to safeguard.

They complain that “developed nations” are not being forced to fund surveillance in the poorer nations.

They are demanding “mechanisms that concretely deliver tangible financial support” and “the sharing of proprietary technology and know-how with developing countries.” This will affect private property and reduce the incentive for innovation when facing a serious disease.

The letter lays out demands that “such an Agreement must contain concrete measures and mechanisms that change the status quo, operationalize equity and foster international solidarity.”

While their ultimate objective is contrary to ours, the point is that the “unity” the WHO hoped to achieve is breaking apart. We need to make sure the WHO vote is torpedoed.

We must STOP not just the WHO TAKEOVER OF THE U.S., but we also need to counter the content demands of these groups that are even more radical than the WHO. Urge Congress to pass HR 79, HR 1425 and S 444. Last week, 49 Republican U.S. senators sent a letter to Joe Biden demanding any international agreement with the WHO be submitted to the Senate for a 2/3 vote.

Our LC Action team is working with a large and growing coalition to build — not just a national response — but also an international resistance to what is happening regarding the WHO. An announcement is planned soon on efforts involving many state attorney generals, and much more.

In addition to the WHO, our team is very active with election integrity, life, religious freedom, border security, national defense, responsible government, and the antisemitic riots funded by George Soros and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.

Our team led a special time of prayer on Capitol Hill with legislators and others to pray for our nation.

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Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action


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Feminists for a People’s Vaccine. “Open Letter to the Director General of the World Health Organization” April 29, 2024.