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Plan To Control What’s in Your Fridge

May 9, 2024

new plan for global governance just launched an alliance to control what you eat. The alliance will have authority over what food is being produced, how it will be produced, managed, and inspected — and where the “food” will be distributed. Yesterday concluded the first meeting of the WHO Alliance for Food Safety hosted by the WHO Nutrition and Food Safety Department in Geneva, Switzerland. The meeting convened to support the implementation of the “WHO Global Strategy for Food Safety 2022–2030.”

I’m concerned.

A global government under the auspices of the World Health Organization (WHO) will destroy food and nutrition. It will be a puppet of Monsanto, Bill Gates, and other globalists. In years past, when Marxist governments took over, they consistently enforced rules that led to a famine. This happened in Ukraine, which has one of the most fertile soils in the world, where under a government-enforced famine, 5 million people were killed. Romania had a similar experience. So did China, which experienced the deaths of about 30 million people. And most recently, there was a famine in Ethiopia, the home nation of Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the director-general of the WHO.

In those cases, however, neighboring locations under a free market could meet some of the needs to prevent even more deaths. But if we give the WHO this enormous power internationally, there will be nowhere to go and nowhere to grow what is needed to sustain life.

Now these globalists are planning to launch surveillance on our food production and consumption.

Send your faxes now to members of Congress to stop Joe Biden from giving the WHO control over us and over America. Pass HR 1425 and S 444 NOW! — Mat

Our world has incredible resources to sustainably grow more than enough food. However, with the stroke of a pen, governments can create a system that erases the motivation and/or the ability of people to produce food.

In fact, American tax dollars are giving grants to farmers to transition food-producing fields into grass through the Conservation Reserve Program.

Government intervention can have damaging, deadly repercussions. I’ll share one story.

The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka was using nitrogen-based fertilizers to produce one of the highest yields of rice production in the world. Due to their ingenuity, they exported rice. But then the government stepped in and banned these key fertilizers overnight.

“These diseases came and the trees died,” one farmer said. They went from producing 10,000 kilos of veggies to around 3,000 kilos, under the government’s new “green” mandate.

The nation then experienced its worst-ever economic crisis. Sri Lanka defaulted on its national debt. Prices spiked and people faced life-threatening shortages of food, fuel, and medicine. Farmers who felt helpless took their own lives.

This damage is “irreversible,” a taxi driver said, who would wait in line for 2-3 days at a time for fuel. When asked if people were getting a second job to handle the price increases, the driver said they were getting five jobs!

The agricultural sector in Sri Lanka blames radicalized NGOs for convincing the government to launch this ban. And within the WHO, NGOs have a massive say on the WHO’s policies.

None of those groups care the slightest about your freedom or constitutional rights. They don’t even care about your life, and some are even actively working to reduce the world population. There is no way they should control every aspect of what is necessary for us to live.

What is especially concerning is that in our public schools, patriotism has been replaced with environmentalism. We are seeing the “weaponization of compassion,” according to The Epoch Times reporter Roman Balmakov. These globalist radicals are especially manipulating young city dwellers to fear a lack of food while supporting policies that would create a famine worldwide.

This is a serious problem, and if we hand over control to the WHO, I’m convinced that the WHO will implement radical “green” policies that will lead to the deaths of many people!

Every time tyrants have asserted control using Marxist ideology, they inevitably destroy free enterprise and collapse society. We need to stop the WHO now.

You don’t have to look far into radicalized NGOs to see the chilling fingerprints of Bill Gates. They’re everywhere! Gates is —

  • Doubling the amount he is investing in NGOs that have a controlling interest in seed suppliers (up from 850 million to 2 billion dollars a year)!

  • Spending millions to lobby for new GMO (genetically modified organisms) in Europe.

  • Creating commercial production of artificial chicken through UPSIDE Foods, a California-based lab-grown meat company.

And if that were not enough, Gates is also the largest landowner in America, with more than a quarter of a million acres (270,000) across 17 states.

Right now, Gates has his fingers all over the ag sector, just like he did with the shot manufacturers ahead of COVID. This is deeply concerning.

This takes the Nazi ideology of “useless eaters” to a level even more pernicious that could eliminate “useless breathers.”

We cannot let a corrupt foreign dictator control our health and our freedom! This is an incredibly dangerous threat to freedom.

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Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action


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