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Press Release: The UK Objects to the WHO’s “Global Health Equity”

May 10, 2024

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Great Britain is now refusing to sign the World Health Organization's (WHO) Pandemic Treaty and amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) because the country says it would have to give away one-fifth of its “diagnostics, therapeutics, or vaccines” according to the recent draft being negotiated. 

The word “equity” appears six times in the latest draft. This means that of the 194 member states, richer countries will be asked to help the world cope with pandemics, including reserving 20 percent of tests, treatments, and vaccines to be distributed to poorer countries.

Article 12 of the proposed revised draft of the negotiating text of the WHO Pandemic Agreement states:

"WHO shall conclude legally binding standard PABS contracts with manufacturers to provide the following, taking into account the size, nature and capacities of the manufacturer: (a) annual monetary contributions to support the PABS System and relevant capacities in countries; the determination of the annual amount, use, and approach for monitoring and accountability, shall be finalized by the Parties; 

(b) real-time contributions of relevant diagnostics, therapeutics or vaccines produced by the manufacturer, 10 percent free of charge and 10 percent at not-for-profit prices during public health emergencies of international concern or pandemics, to be made available through the Network established under Article 13 for use on the basis of public health risks, needs and demand; and 

(c) voluntary non-monetary contributions, such as capacity-building activities, scientific and research collaborations, non-exclusive licensing agreements, arrangements for transfer of technology and know-how in line with Article 11, tiered pricing for relevant diagnostics, therapeutics or vaccines.” 

Executive Director of the AHF Institute for Global Public Health Dr. Jorge Saavedra stated,  “According to the International Monetary Fund, there are currently 152 developing countries where 6.82 billion people live, or 85.4 percent of the world’s population. Thus, what we can conclude from the language of Article 12 is that a commitment of 10 percent for donations, plus 10 percent at affordable prices for critical commodities like vaccines adds up to 20 percent in support of global health equity, while the remaining 80 percent remains beyond the reach of developing countries, perpetuating inequity. This should be completely unacceptable for developing countries. Continuing this imbalance could potentially lead to severe health crises in these nations which will eventually and inevitably impact the entire world – a situation that we cannot afford to ignore in the wake of COVID-19.” 

Meanwhile in the United States, the Biden administration is setting the stage to hand control of America’s health care system and U.S. national sovereignty over to the WHO during the 77th World Health Assembly on May 27 - June 1, 2024, in Geneva, Switzerland. 

However, 22 state Attorneys Generals recently sent a letter to Joe Biden opposing the International Health Regulations and the new Pandemic Treaty stating that “we will resist any attempt to enable the WHO to directly or indirectly set public policy for our citizens.” 

In addition, all 49 Republican U.S. Senators also sent a letter to Joe Biden calling on his administration to “withdraw” its support for two international agreements that would cede the nation’s sovereignty during public health emergencies to the WHO. The letter highlights that a proposed Pandemic Treaty and its International Health Regulation amendments, which may be implemented during this month’s World Health Assembly, would expand the WHO’s authority over the United States – a plan the senators called “unacceptable.” 

Liberty Counsel Action President John Stemberger said, “No sovereign nation should sign on to the World Health Organization’s power grab. Momentum is building to oppose the World Health Organization insidious plan for global control. Congress must respond to this crisis by passing the “No WHO Pandemic Preparedness Treaty Without Senate Approval Act.” 

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