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What's Behind the Chaos at College

May 11, 2024

The violent anti-Israel protests happening across college campuses are clearly being orchestrated by outsiders. Today we will expose the “charities” getting tax breaks to orchestrate lawlessness and violence, not just on American college campuses, but also in Israel.

Our research is exposing gross violations of U.S. law and ties to State Department-designated terror groups within these campus groups. This is not a harmless expression of the First Amendment, but an attack from those affiliated with terrorists who are intent on destroying our nation and allies.

If we can find this information, so can Congress. If need be, my team stands ready to testify once again before Congress on our research. Together, let’s demand that Congress hold immediate hearings to investigate and hold accountable the people behind these protests, from university presidents to hired “professional protest organizers” and the billionaires funding this madness. Then read on for shocking details on this exposé on Funding Anti-Israel Hate. — Mat

The protests and riots happening on university campuses from coast to coast are not random, independent occurrences. Nor are they “student led.”  Instead, a network of anti-Israel groups, many with direct ties to Hamas and Hezbollah, that have been using social media, the Chinese Communist Party communications app WeChat, and other platforms to organize and direct the chaos. Some of these organizations are directly paying protesters, with some receiving 24-28 dollars per hour.

The Westchester People’s Action Coalition Foundation (WESPAC) appears to be a small-town charity based out of White Plains, New York, and focused on “local” Westchester County initiatives.

However, in reality, the group serves as a pass-through organization, slipping massive amounts of money to organizations whose activities — including violence — prohibit them from receiving charitable donations. In what some have described as money laundering, the group collects tax-exempt contributions and forwards those funds to protest groups.

WESPAC primarily funds groups that promote antisemitism.

The next group is the National Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), the most visible leader of the nationwide protests. Founded in 2001, at the University of California Berkeley, SJP is just one of the so-called “student organizations” that WESPAC funds. Because SJP hides behind WESPAC’s charity status, no one knows its budget or the extent of its expenditures. SJP has chapters on some 200 college campuses.

Almost immediately after the October 7 massacre, SJP sent out a “tool kit” to jump-start pro-Palestinian protests. The materials included Palestinian flags, toy paragliders, and printed signs with machine-gun-toting terrorists riding paragliders. The materials proclaimed “Glory to the resistance” and included a statement informing recipients: “We as Palestinian students in exile are PART of this movement…not in solidarity with this movement.”

SJP primary founder Hatem Bazian is a UC Berkeley lecturer on Near Eastern, Asian American, and Asian Diaspora Studies. Bazian is known for frequently quoting a passage of Hamas’ official charter, which is taken from an Islamic religious text that commands the violent slaughter of Jews — not just the Jews in Israel but ALL Jews.

Materials published and promoted by SJP over more than two decades frequently echo if not quote Hamas. In the days following the October 7 massacre, SJP released an official statement declaring the attack to be a “historic win for the Palestinian resistance.” SJP promoted continuing violence by also officially declaring that “this is what it means to Free Palestine: not just slogans and rallies, but armed confrontation with the oppressors.”

A third group is Within Our Lifetime (WOL), which is another WESPAC-funded group.

WOL organizer Abdullah Akl also serves as the Muslim American Society’s director of advocacy and civic engagement. U.S. federal prosecutors have long contended that the Muslim American Society “was founded as the overt arm of the Muslim Brotherhood of America.”

Within weeks of the October 7 massacre, WOL fueled attacks on American Jews by publishing a map of Jewish organizations and instructing its members to “make these locations a stop in your protests. [P]icket and leaflet outside of them, make supporters of genocide uncomfortable.”

The United States Campaign for Palestinian Rights (USCPR) is another group that is like WESPAC. The USCPR also serves as an umbrella organization, funneling money to anti-Israel protest groups that can't get nonprofit 501(c)(3) status. The organization has repeatedly been tied directly to Hamas. USCPR funds many anti-Israel, antisemitic organizations, the most visible of which is the deceptively named Jewish Voice for Peace, which has also been front and center at the protests.

Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP). Founded in 1996, JVP claims to represent Jewish views, but the vast majority of the organization’s leaders and members are not Jewish.

In 2019, Facebook’s transparency feature revealed that the group’s social media manager lived in Lebanon, not on a U.S. college campus. The group’s stated goal is to drive “a wedge” within the American Jewish community, with aims to alienate Americans from Israel.

In 2020, JVP hosted an online event featuring and celebrating convicted terrorist and plane hijacker Leila Khaled, calling her a “Palestinian resistance icon.”

As I said above, these university protests are not student led. They are being coordinated and funded by outside organizations determined to topple not just Israel but America too. Keep in mind that all of these groups are getting special privileges for being nonprofits and not even paying taxes in America.

Congress MUST intervene and hold every single one of these university presidents, staff, and protesters, as well as the organizations and donors funding them, accountable for the damage they have caused.

Our staff is performing in-depth research while we continue to defend life, religious freedom, and the natural family in courtrooms across the nation. Please consider making a recurring monthly donation to support our work. When you do, a special Challenge Grant will DOUBLE every month’s donation!

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action


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