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Huge Momentum is Building

May 21, 2024

There are only six days until the World Health Assembly begins.

The stakes couldn’t be higher. If we lose this battle, it is impossible to overstate the devastation this power grab by the World Health Organization (WHO) will mean for us and generations to come.

Radicalized Marxists are using “health” as an all-encompassing umbrella to steal our freedom. They are meeting 12 hours every day this week to forge an agreement leading up to the May 27 meeting.

The WHO is in panic mode because some nations are beginning to balk. In the last couple of weeks, we have gained significant momentum. I will share these critical developments below.

Time is of the essence. Help save our sovereignty from a one world government. Urge Congress to vote for HR 79, HR 1425, and S 444. We will not be slaves to the WHO. Stop Joe Biden NOW! — Mat

We are making huge progress, but we still don’t know which direction the scales will tip. We cannot take anything for granted. We must not let up. Below are just a few of the recent developments:

  • 49 U.S. Senators sent a letter to Joe Biden stating that the amendments to the International Health Regulations “would substantially increase the WHO’s health emergency powers and constitute intolerable infringements upon U.S. sovereignty.” (emphasis added)

  • House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul (R-TX) and House Energy and Commerce Committee Chair Cathy Rodgers (R-WA) issued an official statement that “the WHO has repeatedly kowtowed to the Chinese Communist Party and is complicit in its COVID-19 coverup ... America’s sovereign rights and biomedical leadership and innovation must be protected.” (emphasis added)

  • 22 State Attorney Generals signed a joint letter stating that “the IHR amendment process has largely occurred behind closed doors as the working group considers hundreds of proposals. To varying degrees, these measures would threaten national sovereignty, undermine states’ authority, and imperil constitutionally guaranteed freedoms. Ultimately, the goal of these instruments isn’t to protect public health. It’s to cede authority to the WHO.” (emphasis added)

  • 61 Members of the U.S. House have now signed on to HR 79 to defund the WHO.

  • Bills or Resolutions opposing the WHO have passed or been introduced in multiple states.

We have had productive meetings with high-level members of the U.S. House. And we are meeting this week on Capitol Hill with a delegation of dignitaries from around the world to stop the WHO. We need your voice to keep up the pressure.

We need 97 nations to oppose these changes at the WHO. A groundswell is beginning, but we need more. Here are a few developments:

  • Australia: 14 Members of Parliament called on their government to exit the WHO because it will transform the globalist body into “a supranational health authority dictating how governments must respond to emergencies which the WHO itself declares.”

  • Israel: 11 Knesset members met with the Minister of Health and issued a public letter warning the WHO documents will “give the director general of the WHO, the authority to set and declare the situation de facto, with no obligation to disclose the sources of his information and with no ability to challenge his decision. This of course undermines the sovereignty of the state.” (emphasis added)

  • Japan: Thousands of people attend a 13-day public demonstration in Tokyo voicing opposition to the WHO power grab.

  • The United Kingdom’s Department of Health and Social Care pushed back against the WHO, stating: “We will only support the adoption of the accord ... if it is firmly in the UK national interest.”

  • 15 other nations have publicly opposed the WHO.

The agenda of the WHO encompasses SO MUCH MORE than health care. The WHO has its eye on “Our interlinked crises: health, inequality and climate,” and it will, with Biden’s blessing, make America primarily responsible for funding global socialism and totalitarian control.

This is absolutely unsustainable!

Under the guise of a “public health emergency,” the WHO would have enormous authority to control us and to force the nations to abort children, sterilize kids, lock down movement, dictate our health care, and much more.

Every day is critical in this battle to stop the WHO. The situation is dynamic. Our team is meeting with members of Congress. We are also working with a large international coalition of experts and dignitaries dedicated to stopping the WHO.

We need your help. In addition to faxing and signing the petition, I am asking you to stand with us with your financial support. You can DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT with our Challenge Grant. And you can also sign up for a recurring donation.

We are honored to work alongside you and give you the tools and knowledge to effectively fight back.

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action


Send your faxes demanding Congress do everything in its power to block the WHO power grab. And then sign our petition.

DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT with our Challenge Grant.