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Breaking News on the Eve of the Final Countdown

May 24, 2024

Starting MONDAY, the World Health Organization (WHO) convenes its meeting in Geneva where they are furiously pressuring nations to vote in favor of the Pandemic Agreement and 300-plus amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR). During our global coalition meeting yesterday, representatives of many nations expressed concern that their nation’s sovereignty will be lost if the WHO is not stopped.

To entice some nations, the WHO is promising “poorer” countries that the “richer” countries will pay for universal health coverage.

The WHO’s provisional agenda shows that this failed socialized medicine is the first and top priority of what they are promising — and you get to pay for it and lose your freedom too!

This week, Secretary of State Antony Blinken testified before Congress about the WHO. I will share his testimony below.

While I will share encouraging developments below, we must not let up the pressure.

The tide is turning, but as of now, we do not know what lies ahead.

What has already happened within the WHO is sinister enough, but now it is working to amass global power to control the world. We have just three days before the WHO meets in Geneva. Even if you have faxed before, now is the time to fax again and demand action and support for HR 79, HR 1425, and S 444. — Mat

Leaders around the world are waking up to what I have been warning about for three years. Others are giving encouraging signs. This week Secretary of State Antony Blinken said,

On the pandemic agreement, the way things stand right now, I don’t see that coming to conclusion in the near term. There’s just not consensus on it. It’s something we continue to work on.

Our freedom is tottering on the scales, and globalists are doing everything in their power to control us. We do not know which direction this will go.

There are other encouraging statements opposing the WHO (emphasis added):

  • “The World Health Organization has a major credibility problem. Instead of leading a thorough and trustworthy investigation into the origins of the pandemic, the WHO has repeatedly kowtowed to the Chinese Communist Party and is complicit in its COVID-19 coverup.” — Statement on behalf of the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee.

  • “The IHR Amendments and the WHO Pandemic Treaty will transform the WHO from an advisory organization to a supranational health authority dictating how governments must respond to emergencies which the WHO itself declares.” — Members of the Australian Parliament.

  • “Some of the over 300 proposals for amendments made by member states would substantially increase the WHO’s health emergency powers and constitute intolerable infringements upon U.S. sovereignty.” — Letter from 49 U.S. senators to Biden

  • “The amendments give the director general of the WHO the authority to set and declare the situation de facto, with no obligation to disclose the sources of his information and with no ability to challenge his decision. This, of course, undermines the sovereignty of the state.” — Members of the Israeli Knesset

  • “These proposed accords could radically transform the WHO’s existing International Health Regulations (IHR) and institute a new ‘Pandemic Agreement.’ ... To varying degrees, these measures would threaten national sovereignty, undermine states’ authority, and imperil constitutionally guaranteed freedoms. Ultimately, the goal of these instruments isn’t to protect public health. It’s to cede authority to the WHO.” — Letter by 22 state attorneys general

I again ask you to be a part of the momentum building in opposition to the WHO. When we all work together, God can bless our work and confound their efforts. Reach out to every legislator possible to urge them to fight this now, today, before it is too late.

Lest our freedom become nothing more than a memory.

Everything is on the line right now. Whether you can attend school, worship, gather in public places, travel, work, what you can or must eat, where you can live, what you can drive, what medicine you take ... the list is endless.

The WHO is pushing to connect “climate change” to certain diseases. This week, the WHO distributed a press release calling for additional research into these two areas — even before it gets the authority it wants.

If we don’t stop the WHO now, America will be unrecognizable. We must stop this bloodless coup from happening.

Please also consider helping Liberty Counsel Action. Our staff has boots on the ground on Capitol Hill right now doing everything in our power to protect freedom and stop the WHO. We had a very successful global coalition meeting yesterday in D.C. to stop the WHO.

Give today to fight this tyranny. Join the winning team. Especially a small recurring monthly donation would help so much!

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action


Don’t forget to fax Congress and demand they STOP the WHO treaty and IHR amendments! And then sign our petition.