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BREAKING: What happened at the WHA

Jun 3, 2024

Over the weekend, the World Health Assembly (WHA) concluded its annual meeting. Tomorrow, I'll provide a full analysis of what is in this revised governing document of amendments to the IHR. In addition, the Biden administration pushed for (and got passed) a resolution on “Social Participation for Universal Health Coverage.” This document touched on everything from controlling information the World Health Organization (WHO) doesn’t like to pushing for universal health care.

As of now, this resolution is nonbinding. This document asks Director-General Tedros Ghebreyesus “to accelerate equitable progress towards universal health coverage [for 1 billion people], health security and the health-related Sustainable Development Goals.” It does not launch this radicalized socialized medicine at this point but simply exposes where these globalists intend to go. Moreover, I see any delay as a victory.

The resolution states, in part:

“Noting the importance of long-term, sustained community engagement to ensure trust and effective public health interventions, and expressing concern at the erosion of trust, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the negative impacts of health-related misinformation, disinformation, hate speech and stigmatization, on multiple media platforms ... ”

We cannot allow the WHO to gain control over us and our nation. Demand Congress pull out of and defund the WHO and require any WHO agreement must receive 2/3 vote in the U.S. Senate. Demand our leaders STOP this rush to put America under the U.N.’s one-world governance! — Mat

The WHO’s resolution refers to social manipulation. This resolution comes out of research on the best methods to manipulate the people who didn’t want the COVID-19 injection to get it anyway. They tested more than 11 messages and picked the best ones, which you may recognize from hearing nonstop since the study was done in Dec 2021.

  • Trust in science.

  • Personal freedom, since we can all go out when you get “vaccinated.”

  • Community interest — caring for your neighbor.

  • Embarrassment: What if you spread COVID-19 to someone else?

  • It’s reckless not to get the shot(s).

  • And other propaganda.

Now these global tyrants want to implement social manipulation on an international scale ... and make any behavior they desire to be mandatory.

This resolution also talks about a youth program. The WHO is rolling out its own “WHO Youth Council.” This includes a list of groups like the “Youth Coalition for Sexual and Reproductive Rights” alongside the “World Organization of the Scout Movement” and the “World YMCA,” which is pushing an extreme LGBTQ agenda.

Already in the works ...

Mandatory “vaccine passports” were planned long before COVID. Communist China already had a social tracking program, and China’s dictator publicly urged other nations to adopt his system. Such control is a despot’s dream — and is antithetical to freedom.

But this wasn’t just happening in China. Johns Hopkins University published a recommendation for “a Wuhan-like approach” that “would mean more than 265,000 contract tracers in the United States.” The university said that “technology must be explored as a force multiplier.”

The CDC admits that "case investigation, contact tracing, and contact follow-up and monitoring will need to be linked with timely testing, clinical services, and agile data management systems to facilitate real-time electronic transmission of laboratory and case data for public health action." (emphasis added)

The CDC supports “legal orders of quarantine” and separate housing enforcement based on a person's “ability to practice adequate infection control.” The CDC published a “Vaccination Field Guide” featuring 12 strategies to increase vaccination rates.

During COVID, the WHO launched its global plan to increase vaccine rates, which includes suppressing what it deems to be “misinformation” and “disinformation.” The WHO kicked off meetings with the G20 finance ministers and Central Bank governors. If “persuasion” does not work, the WHO and its global allies will resort to force, lockdowns, and isolation.

This WHO resolution must be taken seriously! We MUST stop the WHO.

We can stop the WHO if we are as committed to freedom as much as the WHO is committed to control. I need your help.

I will update you more about what transpired last week in Geneva. We gained a lot of momentum, and we must expand that momentum until the WHO is stopped.

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Mat Staver, Chairman
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