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Update of what the WHO Passed

Jun 4, 2024

The good news is the Pandemic Agreement/Treaty DID NOT pass — at least for now! However, a weakened version of amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) DID pass in the early hours of the morning at the World Health Assembly.

I’ll explain below what is in the version that passed, the implications, and what we must do now. Your support and your perseverance made all the difference.

But we are not out of the woods yet. The World Health Organization (WHO) will be holding a meeting next month (July) on the treaty to resume negotiations. The WHO wants to pass the Pandemic Agreement/Treaty by the end of this year. This gives us a little more time to defund and to pull out of the WHO before it returns to pass this treaty. Globalists are working to end American sovereignty.

Demand that Congress STOP Joe Biden from pushing this treaty that will abandon American freedom and give the WHO the power to control nations. This would even control what goes on inside your own body! Send your critical faxes now! — Mat

I’ll start with the victories. Many of my deepest concerns were in the treaty. For the treaty to be delayed is a huge victory! In addition, the most problematic amendments to the IHR were significantly weakened.

  • A nation must first ask for, or accept, help before the WHO launches a political/medical effort within that nation.

  • Weakened language gives nations wiggle room, such as:

    • “subject to applicable law and available resources.”

    • “as national laws allow.”

    • “as appropriate.”

    • “upon their request,” etc.

This will keep national sovereignty intact, for now — or until the treaty passes. However, not everything is good news. Here are some of the new aspects of the finalized amendments that are threats to our freedoms:

  • Digital or paper Vaccine Passports (implying that the WHO-required documentation can be mandated and that they be signed by the issuing doctor and stamped by the hospital where it was generated).

  • Nations must address “risk communication, including addressing misinformation and disinformation” in ways that are left unexplained.

  • Each nation must set up one or two national entities (called the National IHR Authority) to carry out the directives of the WHO.

  • Defined “pandemic emergency” as including anything with a “high risk” of disease, which is better than just the “potential threat,” but is still left up to the imagination.

  • The WHO wants to control “relevant health products” and a long list of related manufactured items.

  • Added “equity and solidarity” to the human rights and dignity section, which was kept in the document.

  • Under surveillance, the ability to “prevent” health events was added.

  • Nations are to report health events “in a timely manner.”

  • The WHO will make “recommendations” governing travel, shipping, and mail.

  • The amendments “strengthen sustainable financing” with demands on our tax dollars.

  • Established a committee to implement these new regulations but then limited it to being “facilitative and consultative in nature only, and function in a non-adversarial, non-punitive" manner.

While these points are still significant in comparison to what we have been tracking in these documents for the last three years, this is a partial win compared to what the WHO wanted to accomplish.

But the WHO is pressing forward full steam. The WHA was scheduled to end on June 1. Frantically, the WHO added the IHR to the agenda at 9 p.m. Geneva time and finally reached a vote after midnight. Japan complained that only 1/3 of the delegates were present. The WHO violated its own Article 55 by not releasing the amendments four months prior to the vote!

We cannot be complacent. These globalists stayed past midnight, sometimes until 4 in the morning to come to an agreement before, even pushing the meeting to June 2, past the advertised conclusion of the assembly. Now they have agreed to finish the Pandemic Agreement/Treaty and pass it before the end of the year.

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We must finish the job and stop WHO from controlling America and the world.

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action


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