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Are CDC Reports of COVID-19 Mortality Rates False?

Apr 23, 2020

There is reason to believe that the reported death rates of COVID-19 are inaccurate. According to the New York Post, the federal government is ruling all the deaths of patients with COVID-19 as "COVID-19 deaths" whether or not the virus actually caused them to die.

For example, if a patient tests positive for COVID-19 but passes away from something else, such as a preexisting health condition, the doctor can rule the death as "COVID-19," even if the virus was not the actual cause.

Though there may be some actual cases of death caused by the virus, many of the deaths being reported are of elderly people and/or people with other health conditions.

According to an article by the New American, in the state of New York over 82% of people who reportedly died from the virus were at least 60 years of age, and over 86% had other health conditions besides the virus. R. Cort Kirkwood writes,

The [New York] data show that 5,424 out of 6,268 people counted as virus fatalities, 86.5 percent, had serious comorbidities, including diabetes, cancer, dementia, hypertension, congestive heart failure, and kidney, coronary artery, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Those numbers suggest that age and other illnesses played a significant role in those deaths, and that people under 50 without underlying health problems are much less likely to die.

Attributing all of these deaths to COVID-19 when there were obviously other factors involved is misleading.

If this isn't bad enough, doctors are also being encouraged to rule causes of death as COVID-19 related even if the patient was never actually tested for the virus! If a doctor even speculates that the patient had COVID-19, they can list it on the person's death certificate.

This is not just happening at a federal level, but at the state level as well. According to the article by Kirkwood, Minnesota's state government is encouraging doctors to list causes of death as "COVID-19" related, even if the patient has not been confirmed to have it.

The Montana Daily Gazette shared a Facebook video which explained how the death rates can so easily become inflated.

In the video, Dr. Annie Bukacek, a prominent medical doctor from Montana, said that many death certificates under normal circumstances are filled out based on guesswork by the doctor. Once a death certificate is filled out, the information then gets entered into a database. If the cause of death is inaccurate, then the mortality rates for that certain cause of death become inflated. A situation like the COVID-19 pandemic only makes things worse because it is now even harder to tell the actual cause of death.

Dr. Bukacek also explained how the CDC is encouraging this inflation:

Even before we heard of COVID-19, death certificates were based on assumptions and educated guesses that go unquestioned. When it comes to COVID-19, there is the additional data skewer that is — get this — there is no universal definition of COVID-19 death.

The Center for Disease Control update from yesterday — April 4th — still states that 'mortality' data includes both confirmed and presumptive positive cases of COVID-19. That's from their website. Translation: The CDC counts both true COVID-19 cases and speculative guesses of COVID-19 the same.

If there is no universal qualification for death by COVID-19, and those reported cases include "presumptive" diagnoses, then the mortality rates reported by the CDC are highly likely to be inaccurate.

Dr. Bukacek concludes with a grave realization:

Based on how death certificates are being filled out, you can be certain the number is substantially lower than what we are being told. Based on inaccurate, incomplete data, people are being terrorized by fearmongers into relinquishing cherished freedoms.

This inaccurate mortality rate being reported by the CDC needs to be corrected. Because of these false numbers, people have been led into an unnecessary panic and have frantically given up their rights. While it is wise to take COVID-19 seriously and take precautionary measures in order to remain safe, it is also wise to not be fooled by the media.

The government has had a strong hand in making sure these numbers seem higher than they actually are. This makes it easier for the government to gain greater control over its people. Now is the time to stand up for rights! We must not allow fear to keep us from defending our freedoms.

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