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New Abortion Plan from Sanders Announces "Abortion is A Constitutional Right"

Mar 10, 2020

Democrats are claiming that abortion is a "constitutional right." But the U.S. Constitution never mentions the word abortion and it never grants this procedure the status of a right.

In fact, it guarantees the direct opposite. The right to life, which is directly opposed to abortion is protected without age restrictions. But not all presidential candidates agree.

Live Action reporter Nancy Flanders wrote:

"Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (I-VT) recently revealed his plan to push abortion across America and the world. Sanders believes "abortion is a constitutional right," and if elected, he vows to codify Roe v. Wade as federal law.

First on Sanders’ to-do list appears to be the repeal of the Hyde Amendment under his Medicare for All plan. The Hyde Amendment prevents federal taxpayer dollars from being used to pay for abortions. Sanders takes it a step further, as the details of his plan also reveal that "all reproductive health services will be provided free at the point of service."

Free abortion for all means that taxpayers will be covering the cost of all abortions committed in the United States. The same would be true for birth control, as Sanders' plan is to provide this free for everyone as well.

Under Sanders' administration, pro-life state laws would require preclearance "to ensure that they do not impose undue restrictions and barriers for abortion services." In other words, states would be prevented from enacting pro-life laws."

This is a direct attack on our constitutionally protected right to life.

In addition, it is an attack on state's rights and forces them to bow to the killing of innocent children, an action that is morally and ethically reprehensible to many.

Nancy Flanders said:

"In his plan, Sanders claims that women of color are "less likely to have access to family planning resources," and he wishes to change that. However, it is well-known that nearly 80 percent of Planned Parenthood's surgical abortion facilities are located within walking distance of Black or Hispanic neighborhoods. As previously reported by Live Action News, data from the Centers for Disease Control shows that Black women have abortions at almost four times the rate of white women.

The problem isn't that women of color don't have access to abortion, it's that the abortion industry has long targeted minorities for abortion, even accepting donations to specifically pay for racist abortions. In New York City, more Black babies are killed through abortion than are born."

When it comes to abortion, Black babies are especially under direct attack. For years, Planned Parenthood has had a devastating effect on minorities. Each and every baby that is killed in the Black community deserves life. A horrifying statistic in the black community is that more Black children are killed through abortion than are born!

Flanders also said:

"Additionally, Sanders would expand funding for Title X, the family planning program which, under the Trump Administration, contained a new requirement that any organization wishing to receive federal funds through the program separate their abortion "services" from their other services both physically and fiscally. Planned Parenthood chose to withdraw from Title X rather than comply with the rule. Sanders plans to undo this rule, thereby allowing abortion businesses to once again receive the funding.

He also plans to ensure that pro-life pregnancy centers are unable to receive Title X funding. However, pregnancy centers help women facing unplanned pregnancies mainly through the donations of their local community supporters, not the federal government."

Planned Parenthood charges money to their patients for their services. In addition, they are getting hundreds of millions of your tax dollars, but Sen. Sanders wants to give them even more!

He wants to deny crisis pregnancy centers from having any federal funding because of his disagreement with their politics. This is a horrific policy, however, it's something that Sen. Sanders is already planning.

Many pregnancy centers use donations to buy and give away diapers, formula, and ultrasounds all free of charge. Most of these pregnancy centers are supported just by local churches and the caring community around them. Some even offer parenting classes for the local foster care system in order to keep families together. These crisis pregnancy centers deserve recognition for helping parents across America.

If the other side is getting money to do their procedures, why can't pro-life pregnancy centers help moms and babies?

The healthcare industry is there in order to protect and serve the sick and vulnerable, and there is nothing more vulnerable than a baby in the womb being attacked because he or she is seen as an inconvenience.

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