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Pfizer Runs Away When One Country Demands Safety Trial

Feb 15, 2021

Before authorizing the Pfizer COVID injection, India's health department demanded a double-blind study of its safety and effectiveness. The Central Drugs Standard Control Organization also demanded that after 60 days participants could ask if they received the injection or a placebo. After seven rounds of negotiations, on Feb 3, an agreement had still not been reached.

Two days later, Pfizer announced it had withdrawn its request for emergency approval in India.

I'll also discuss how the full impact of the CDC's over-reporting of deaths is still being unraveled.

America is pushing forward with mass injections, including this Pfizer shot. Already, international leaders are requiring the injection for anyone who wants to go shopping, work in retail, attend church, etc. And medical bureaucrats in New York and Virginia have pushed for mandatory shots.

Help tip the scales toward freedom with your urgent fax straight to governors and legislators all over America to demand freedom now. -- Mat

India's health committee "noted that incidents of palsy, anaphylaxis and other SAE's [Serious Adverse Event] have been reported," the committee stated. "Further, the firm [Pfizer] has not proposed any plan to generate safety and immunogenicity data in Indian population. After detailed deliberation, the committee has not recommended" Pfizer for emergency use.

Updates on the vaccine reporting system now show that the injections have been linked to 13 miscarriages and 139 instances of facial asymmetry, or Bell's palsy symptoms. The US has reported that 453 people have died after receiving the COVID injection and the U.K. has reported 244 deaths.

The Pfizer vaccine was linked to 59% of those who died. Of anaphylactic reactions, Pfizer accounted for 76% of the reactions.

These are all good reasons for India to want more testing before granting approval to Pfizer.

And these are all good reasons why this injection should be the free choice of Americans and not the mandate of a government drunk on power. Even if you may have received this injection, I urge you to stand with others and demand that this be the free choice of each individual.

We have covered the suspicious actions and reporting changes within the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) multiple times. But the extensive misreporting of the causes of death is shocking.

Science, Public Health Policy, and The Law published an article that reveals that if we had been using the same reporting standards from before March 2020, the deaths reported as "COVID" deaths would have dropped dramatically. The "new" reporting guidelines on March 24, 2020 increased the COVID classification by 1,670%. This means that what should have been reported as 9,684 COVID deaths, instead was reported as 161,392 COVID deaths.

Right now, the total "COVID" deaths in America is less than 470,000. If this same formula held steady, it would mean that there were less than 28,200 deaths caused by COVID in America!

This appears to be less dangerous than some want you to believe! Rush your fax to the desks of hundreds of these key political decision-makers to protect your freedom to decide for yourself.

In case you missed it, Virginia State Health Commissioner Dr. Norman Oliver revealed that he had made "plans to mandate coronavirus vaccinations for Virginians once one is made available to the public," and that those plans will continue "as long as he is still the Health Commissioner."

His plans were walked back by the governor, whose seat is up for election in November. Since this, the state has tried repeatedly to pass legislation that will protect the individual rights of its citizens to make that decision. However, multiple bills to protect those freedoms have failed.

Currently in Virginia, "state law gives the Commissioner of Health the authority to mandate immediate immunizations during a public health crisis if a vaccine is available," reported WRIC. "Under state law, only people with a medical exemption could refuse the mandate."

That is why it is important to keep flooding the office of this governor and the offices of other governors and legislators who need to take immediate action against mandatory vaccinations. Act now.

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Correction: There were multiple reports that an Oregon judge had mandated state prisoners to receive the COVID injection. However, further investigation revealed this mandate was limited to the state being required to offer the injection; it was not mandated that prisoners accept the injection over their objections.


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