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Powerful New Ally Against Censorship. . .

Feb 4, 2021

It wasn’t enough to just complain about censorship, I wanted to create a path for you to end it!

Together, we just made a huge leap forward. One governor just became a strong, public ally. He pointed the finger at Big Tech censorship and declared it as “one of the most pervasive threats to American self-government in the 21st century.”

In a blistering press conference, this governor caught our vision to end censorship and announced legislation that would apply huge fees and fines for such actions.

We must use this momentum for a groundswell of voices to demand an end to Big Tech censorship. Push this message to the governors and legislators with your urgent fax to take this movement nationwide! - Mat

In the 3rd largest state in America, Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) ripped into Big Tech. Here are a few of his recent comments:

“It’s high time that we step up to the plate to ensure the protection of the people and their rights.”

“The network of Silicon CEOs wields extraordinary powers, to the point of holistically controlling the flow of a vast swath of information in our country. In a matter of hours, a business can be dismantled, a community of friends and colleagues canceled, and even a sitting president of the United States, silenced.”

“Our Founding Fathers were deliberate in the enshrinement of our rights in the Constitution to ensure that We the People were guaranteed protection against those wishing to violate our rights. the Big Tech oligarchy has in many ways become a clearer and more present danger to free speech than the government itself.”

“Today they may come after someone who looks like me. Tomorrow they may come after someone who looks like you.”

Gov. DeSantis gets it! We can be silent and let this incredible opportunity slip by or we can act NOW to stand with this governor and demand a ripple of similar action from other states. You can be a part of this historic moment to protect the freedom of We the People. Make your voice heard today with our urgent fax to other governors and legislators!

What is thrilling is that Gov. DeSantis is using the talking points that LCA has been pushing about Big Tech to these state leaders! He recognizes the double standard these companies utilize to silence YOU!

“By their own admission, social media companies view themselves as a ‘new public square,’ and are happy to market themselves as [such]… Make no mistake they are nothing more than an advertising conglomerate and I'm not interested in handing over the keys to the public square to a bunch of companies whose economic interests are not aligned with the public interest.”

“These platforms have changed from neutral platforms that provided Americans with the freedom to speak to enforcers of preferred narratives. Consequently, these platforms have played an increasingly decisive role in elections and have negatively impacted Americans who dissent from orthodoxies favored by the Big Tech cartel.”

They try to “shelter themselves from accountability as anything but a public form and they have the chutzpah—the nerve—to insist on broad liability protection.”

“Heads they win; tails we lose.”

Gov. DeSantis pointedly stated, “If I had to choose, I would rather be governed by the first 50 names in the Tallahassee phone book than the CEOs of Big Tech companies.” But our Founding Fathers’ vision for America was that our free speech be limited by neither a Tech executive nor a name out of a phone book.

We have the opportunity to end this censorship through demanding that state leadership act now. Send your urgent fax to these key leaders to ask them to take similar action today

“Big Tech has been manipulating news content and designing algorithms to give the upper hand to their candidates of choice and they do so scot-free. Again, euphemistically called content moderation. I think it’s more political manipulation,” said Gov. DeSantis. “Look no further than the last several months of the election as coordinated, calculated efforts were undertaken to advance an increasingly evident political agenda of the Big Tech companies.”

This bill will impose heavy fines against Big Tech for censorship and de-platforming people. I will bullet point the highlights in a future email.

Gov. DeSantis said, “it is incumbent upon us [the government] to ensure those voices are not capriciously and vindictively targeted.”

I couldn’t agree more.

This is exactly what LCA has been pushing for years. Now is the moment to demand solutions. Among other things, this new Florida bill will place daily fines on any Big Tech company that “uses their content and user-related algorithms to suppress or prioritize the access of any content related to a political candidate or cause on the ballot.” Florida joins North Dakota, which was the first state to act.

Now is the time for all of us to act. They are listening. Send an urgent fax right now to allies who can take steps to stop the hypocrisy and government protections for these one-sided giant Tech corporations.  

This incredible progress against censorship is only possible because of your support and commitment to a free nation. Your gift to Liberty Counsel Action will be effectively DOUBLED right now by our extended Challenge Grant.

Thank you for your prayers and your actions to preserve our nation!

For freedom,

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

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Then send a fax directly to key governors and legislators to urge them to protect freedom of speech and the press in their state. Or sign the petition we are gathering to deliver to key state leaders to urge them to act.


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