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The Global Rush for Vaccine Passports

Apr 9, 2021

Twenty-one nations offer COVID vaccine passport privileges or have announced specific plans to do so.

In addition, 29 airlines or representative parent companies are testing the "Travel Pass Initiative" to launch this spring.

Also, 22 cruise line companies are mandating that their passengers receive a COVID vaccine before boarding their ships.

Incredible pressure is mounting. The world will become smaller until we demand our freedom.

Send an urgent fax to the governors and key federal leaders to demand they protect our liberties now. - Mat

Right now, there are 27 Republican governors and 23 states where Republicans control all three branches. If we make our voices heard in these states to ban mandatory vaccine passports, it will make it very hard for national businesses to have two sets of procedures across state lines. Even if you live in a state that will not listen, your voice can help convince governors to protect our freedom.

It is critical that we act now. We are sending a sample executive order to governors and they need to hear from you.

Send a fax to the governors and federal legislators who can protect freedom from these mandatory vaccine passports in their states.

I warned you a year ago that Bill Gates was pushing to close the borders to any country "till we get to that full vaccination" level. Even if people in that country have "very good concerns" against vaccinating, he wants to pressure government leaders for mandatory vaccines.

"Different countries are set to be graded green, amber or red according to their vaccinations, infection rates, the prevalence of variants of concern and their genomic sequencing capacity," The Sun reported this week.

Bill Gates admitted he is willing to have severe adverse reactions (which includes death) of hundreds of thousands of people in order to vaccinate everyone on the planet. He says government must force everyone. This is done through a mandatory Vaccine Passport and tracing and tracking.

Remember that Gates' late father was a eugenicist and president of Planned Parenthood. Gates, also a eugenicist, wants to force everyone to be vaccinated with multiple shots--not just COVID.

Share your concerns with these governors and politicians before our freedom is completely gone.

We have warned about tracing, tracking and health passports for a year. The goal of these programs is shocking.

COVID trackers are trained to repeatedly quarantine healthy people even if a person is just near someone who might have been exposed.

Remember, these trackers were demanding a live video tour inside the targeted person's home and are trained to call social services to take away pets and children if the person doesn't have an isolated space in the home.

None of this is voluntary! And the only way to escape this endless loop is to accept the COVID injection. Manual tracking is now going hi-tech.

Even if you have already been vaccinated, or plan to be, we cannot give up our freedom to travel, work, dine, shop or WORSHIP!

We should never be forced to carry a vaccine or digital health passport to live in America. We need your help to stop it. The governors and legislators must hear from you!

Our team is constantly researching this and many other issues to keep you informed and be your voice. It is only because of your donations that we can cut through the lies and expose what is really happening in America and around the world. Your support helps us uncover the truth and gives people across America the opportunity to preserve our liberties.

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Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

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Send a fax to key leaders demanding they do not mandate a vaccine. And sign our petition to these leaders to be delivered at critical moments in this fight against mandatory vaccinations.

*The countries pushing the vaccine passport include China, South Korea, Singapore, Israel, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Iceland, Croatia, Cyprus, Romania, Georgia (the nation), Poland, Lebanon, Seychelles, Estonia, Malta, Montenegro, Belize, Ecuador and Slovenia. In addition, Canada, Thailand, Bulgaria and Malta are all publicly considering the vaccine passport right now, according to The Sun. Australia is also very likely.



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