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Amendment 4 Is a Deceptive Abortion Amendment

On April 1, 2024, the Florida Supreme Court ruled 4-3 that a deceptive ballot initiative that codifies unrestricted abortion in the state’s constitution may appear on the November ballot.

Now Floridians must defeat this deceptive amendment. This amendment is not about protecting women. In fact, this amendment will throw women into back-alley abortion butchers. The amendment is so broad that not even health or safety regulations will survive. Unscrupulous abortionists will be totally unregulated.

Liberty Counsel Founder and Chairman Mat Staver presented oral arguments before the Florida Supreme Court on Wednesday, February 7, 2024, regarding an amendment that would codify unrestricted abortion as a right in the state constitution.

Same Day, Same Court, Two Different Decisions

Mat Staver discusses the alarming implications of these pivotal court decisions. Originally aired On: 4/2/2024

Mat Staver Shares Good News From Florida Supreme Court Decision

Mat Staver joins Jody Hice on Family Research Council's Washington Watch to discuss the two conflicting decisions from the Florida Supreme Court on Monday and what Floridians need to do to protect unborn life in the Sunshine State.. Originally aired On: 4/2/2024

UPDATE: Florida Abortion Amendment - Mat Staver

Mat Staver gives an update on the oral argument at the Florida Supreme Court on February 7, 2024, regarding a proposed amendment that would codify unrestricted abortion as a right in the state constitution.

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Watch Oral Argument Here:

Oral Argument Broadcasts & Ceremonial Sessions

Liberty Counsel’s Briefs:

Notice - Supplemental Authority - Post OA (PDF)

Notice - Supplemental Authority (PDF)

FL Voters Against Extremism PC (PDF)

Brief FL Voters Against Extremism - Filed (PDF)

LC Press Releases:

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(AUDIO) Florida Supreme Court Will Hear Abortion Initiative Argument

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