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Psycho-Neurobiology and War


The whole video is fascinating, particularly regarding advances in brain-to-robotic appendages (paraplegics controlling robot arms/legs with their thoughts) and brain-to-brain interface technology – allowing a surgeon to control the hands of another person from anywhere in the world, allowing “surgery” by the surgeon using the hands of another person to perform a complex surgery in a remote location (“possession”).

The most relevant to today’s vaccine issue starts at 28:00. CRISPR and the new tech allows manipulation at the cellular level. “You can engineer anything.” You can engineer something that “will kill only one person in the world.”

“What would you do with this if you were in security and intelligence?”
  • Functional capability at very high altitudes at the genetic level.
  • Genes that make you stronger and run longer.
DREADDS – Designer Receptors Exclusively Activated by Designer Drugs
  • “These are designer receptors that can be remotely controlled.”
  • “Create a cell, put it somewhere in the body, and remotely activate it when the brain is exposed to the right signal” – substance or otherwise.
  • “You have the capacity to create a new product, as long as you know the DNA sequence; you can insert it into a living system, and you can remotely control it.”
  • When you create a cell, you have to figure out where you want it. What if you want it in their brain?
  • If you want a product placed in your brain that would effect the way you think or the way you act…one way to do that would be stem cells.
  • They can go find their home in the body and go park there, and do the work you want them to do. 34:03
  • You can infuse them and they can find their way into the brain.
  • The technology currently exists to administer it to somebody, and have it go park and do its functions…even in brains.
  • 34:29 – in WRITING: cells designed for specific targets; strategically placed; remotely controlled. “Timed on and off release of information on demand.” 34:50
  • 36:00 – new way to store information will be in DNA. Can hide imagery into bacteria. Motion pictures hidden in bacteria! 37:07
  • 37:29 – this is what the Chinese are doing with DNA – “Chinese are convinced” it’s the way of the future.
38:15 – Memory
  • Can we erase, modify and change memory? “Short answer: yes.”
  • Hippocampus is impossible to get to – not if you program a cell to go there. “this is what’s happening with rats.”
  • Chemicals can wipe out and enhance memory. “Help with alzheimers.”
  • “Believe what you remember, but don’t assume that what you remember is true.” 43:10 printed on slide.
  • Flatworms – cut the head off, but body still remembers its stuff.
  • Where are we with creating false memories in humans – memories they’ve never had – we’ve come a long way.” – 44:16
  • 47:28 – when we increased the stress [at SERE School], we created false memories in 900 people.
  • “If you change the past, you change human behavior.”
  • 49:40 – entire slide
  • 50:21 - can I give you a false memory for your good?
  • In the current social media age, the ability to fix people’s memories is enhanced. Bypassing critical reasoning…
  • 51:47 – “the chemical implanting of memories has now occurred in monkeys.”
  • 52:45 – the French published a paper; while people were sleeping, they were able to train them, and sample their knowledge. “they were also able to train new memory and information, outside the person’s awareness, when they were asleep.”

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